The new cloud-based streaming has arrived!

The new cloud-based streaming has arrived!

We’re happy to announce our new and improved secure streaming function to Pinshape! Streaming is now easier than ever before. Here’s how to get started:

For Makers

Our new cloud-based streaming system, powered by our friends at 3DPrinterOS, allows you to slice, scale and 3D print great designs all directly from the Pinshape platform! That means no more dealing with the hassles of finding a slicing program and bogging down your hard drive with massive design downloads. All you have to do to stream, is click on one of the purple buttons across the site and follow the instructions. 


Streaming Example


Watch our video below for a quick guide on how streaming works. 

It’s easy, and perfect for the maker. The workflow is streamlined, with no need for additional programs or downloading files. All the editing (scaling, positioning, setting layer height, etc.) can be done on Pinshape’s online platform, making the set-up to print process that much easier. Hello to 3D printing cloud-based streaming! 

Click here to check out the streamable designs! 


For Designers

Streaming is great to help you to protect your intellectual property! Streaming lets makers slice and 3D print designs straight from our Pinshape platform — no downloads required. That means that your design source file is never directly accessed, copied or altered in the process, so that you can feel secure about sharing your designs. Streaming also acts on a stream-by-print basis, so you know how many times your work has been printed and by whom!

To list your designs for streaming:

1. Upload your design by clicking on the upload icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Upload a Design

2. Fill out the information on the upload page.

3. When you get to the distribution section of the upload page select “Stream Only” — you cannot list your design for stream and download.

Stream selction gif4. Set your markup and click upload and you’re good to go!

Upload your prints here and try out our streaming feature!

Have more questions? Post them in the forum or shoot us an email at [email protected].


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