Top weekly picks for 3D designs on Pinshape!

Top weekly picks for 3D designs on Pinshape!

We’re about a week into 2016, and I can tell you that we’re going to have some great print contests lined up this year! You should start calibrating your printers now to prep for some stellar prints that will help you snag home some nifty prizes. Our most loved designs for the week will make for great test prints! 


victoria's faceVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Big Kid!

3D designs taiwan black bear

Taiwan Black Bear by william_lee

Ho! This toy design is so cute! I think print and assemble toys are going to be big for 3D printing hobbyists, especially when we get more top-notch character designs like this on the market. It reminds me of the Bax Bear and Dunny trend where people can customize and collect funky, cool character shapes. Love it!


nick's faceNick’s Pick

Tabletop Gamer

3D designs wayfarer tacticsWayfarer Tactics Core Set by Dutchmogul 

If you love tabletop games, you NEED to check this out. 3D printing master Dutchmogul and the team at Ill Gotten Games have spent years working on their games and 3D printable pieces, and all that effort has culminated in the release of their core game set and rules. They’ve done an amazing job making sure everything prints great, and the best part is they already have a massive universe of extra pieces and characters to expand the core set— it will only grow from here!


wojtek's face

Wojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 
Magic 8-Ball

3D designs mini pool table

Miniature Pool by matt_lothe

Besides a few rounds on Miniclip, I haven’t played pool in a very long time. Pool tables are expensive, so having one in my home would be ridiculous. Luckily enough, matt_lothe has made a miniature pool set that you can carry around and play with friends. Looks fun!


Lauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Always Practical

3D designs wallet

Credit Card/Loyalty Card/Business Card Wallet by barb_3dprintny

If you want to try your hand at printing with flexible filament, this may be a great first design to try! barb_3dprintny created two versions, one for cards and another that’s a little taller, for cash. The flexible filament material is strong so it won’t rip apart. Just one of the many awesome applications of using flexible filament. If you’ve never printed with flexible filament before, it can be a bit tricky. We wrote a blog on 5 Top Tips for Best Results with Flexible Filament if you decide to give it a try.


Jibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
Lil Kasparov

3D designs chess

Faceted Chess Set by Thomas Davis

Most of us want to get physically fit, but what about exercising your mind? This is where a good game of chess comes in 🙂 I started playing chess at an early age and after I beat my super smart grandma once (though she totally denied losing), I knew I had become the boss of all bosses. However, that wasn’t the sole reason as to why this chess set caught my attention. It was actually the sleek design of each piece. Giving a nice modern look to such a classic games makes this ‘print’ a true winner. Check and mate!


lucas' faceLucas’ Pick

Robots & Elastics!

3D designs robotica

Love this Robotica! Designed by Sonia Verdu, this is a 3D printed articulated doll made with elastic cords. Print + Paint + Assemble! Plus, she put together a YouTube video  showing us how to assemble it. Support free + great instructions if you’re up for making something a bit different. Thanks Sonia!

andre's faceAndre’s Pick


3D designs lamp

Berkas Battery LED-lamp by andreas_bergkvist

We makers love to build things. Sure we could easily get a cheap lamp from Ikea or Walmart, but knowing your workspace lamp was custom build with a 3D printer feels good. If you are up for the challenge check out andreas_bergkvist’s Berkas Battery LED Lamp.


Karen's Face

Karen’s Pick

Community Manager
Missing Summer

3D designs planter

Stackable small planter by Peter De Corte

It has been pretty dreary around Vancouver lately, and I’m missing greenery and colors from the more spring/summery months. This planter is compact and its 90 degrees shape can snugly fit in any corner you want to spice up around your house! Plus, you can have plant on plant on plant with how this is designed to stack on one another!


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

Kate’s Pick

Stay warm!

3D designs articulated bots

Tiny articulated bot by BQ

I’m in love with these tiny bots. They’re probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Lovely, charming and adorable. They look so friendly and it is so easy to imagine a big community of such kind and warm creatures. Amazing job! ♥


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