Top 3D designs for the week of June 26th!

Top 3D designs for the week of June 26th!

Hello Pinshapers,

Another week, another round of top 3D printing design picks as chosen by our staff! We’ve got some great ones for you this time, and you probably have some time to squeeze in a weekend print? If you weren’t quite sure where to start, look no further, because here are our recommendations: 


lucas' face Lucas’ Pick


zipper magnet sanny shine pinshape

Zipper Magnet by Sanny Shine

When in doubt, zipper magnet! 🙂 ​ Creative idea for the fridge. ​I love functional 3D prints and discovering models I can use around the house. ​We’d love to see more models designed with a dual extrude​r in mind. Looking forward to getting one of these up in my place!​


nick's faceNick’s Pick


seej 2015 zheng3 pinshape staff picks

2015 Seej Starter Set by zheng3

This one has been on Pinshape for a while now, but I just think it’s awesome. I’m a big fan of designs that you can do more with than just look at, so Zheng3’s fun tabletop toys are a personal favorite. This design makes some good improvements over previous versions and is one of those toys you can keep having fun with… even as adults! There’s just something satisfying about medieval themed destruction haha.


andre's face Andre’s Pick


wall outlet shelf walltosh pinshape staff pick

Wall Outlet Shelf by WallTosh

When I charge my iPhone I usually place it on the floor or at the edge of my desk. The Wall Outlet Shelf is a neat solution. It allows you to place the iPhone on top of the charger. I find this a more secure place to place my iPhone.

The design includes Ice Cube and EU adapter versions.

Props to WallTosh. WallTosh is able to solve every day problems with simple and fun solutions.


victoria's face Victoria’s Pick

 UX Geek

flashflood pinshape staff picks

The FlashFlood by Mr. MegaTronic 

This is the epitome of maker culture! Why go to the store and pay $20 for a lamp when you can 3D print one that may or may not be water tight?! XD But I love the idea and the design is pretty sweet too. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from our beloved Mr. MegaTronic on Pinshape.


Karen's Face Karen’s Pick

 Usually Confused

legend of zelda like between worlds bookends pinshape

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Bookends by Andy Bihlmaier

This is such a creative idea for a pair of bookends! Instead of merging onto walls, Link now merges onto the side of your books. Best of all, Link AND Zelda are included in this design 🙂 A great piece that will complete the look of your nerd den (in my case, I guess that’s just my bedroom). There’s just too many perfect things in this design.


keenan's face Keenan’s Pick

 Business Development Manager

boost amp for iphone pinshape

Boost: An Amp for Your iPhone by sadieteper

Shout-out to sadieteper for Boost, a portable amp for your iPhone – an invention that will undoubtedly be remembered alongside the wheel, penicillin and the computer. Boost is the battery-conscious Boombox of our generation, with all of the boom and less of the box.


wojtek's face Wojtek’s Pick


square floating photo frame pinshape

Square Floating Photo Frame by WallTosh

My pick for this week would have to be this awesome “Square Floating Photo Frame”. I recently upgraded my home inkjet printer and it can now print photos. They’re coming out great and I wanted to hang them up on the wall. Luckily, this design can help me make the living room more interesting! Perfect for Instagram shots.


sergey's face Sergey’s Pick

 Cloud Developer

cloud keychain holder pinshape

Cloud Keychain Holder by alienkim

I often put my keys in random places and sometimes forget where I put them. Have you ever encountered the same situation?

This holder would allow me to always put them in the same place on this nice cloud. Having this in the hallway would be creative and convenient, and would be perfect for those who care about details.


That’s it for this week! Which Pinshape design would you have chosen? Check back next week for another set of picks from your Pinshape staff, or subscribe to our mailing list to get this delivered to your inbox every Friday! 


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