13 Top Functional 3D Designs on Pinshape

13 Top Functional 3D Designs on Pinshape

Have you ever needed something in your house and thought, ‘hey I could totally 3d print that!’? Well, chances are, you can. Practical designs for around the house are some of our favourite, so we’ve gathered just some of the top functional 3d designs for you to check out at Pinshape


We’ve all experienced when our cords fray near the ends, especially ones we use a lot like our phone chargers! With these cable guards, you won’t have to worry about it! 


2) Steampunk shelf support by RobinH


Whether you’re looking to hang a book shelf or a small shelf for photos, this shelf support is perfect for a modern home!  This one is painted steampunk style but you can paint it anyway you’d like. 


3) Stacking screw and tool boxes by MakeALot


If you’re doing home renovations or need a place to put your screws, nuts, bolts, and other do-dads, this is a simple design that will help you keep your tools organized.  

What’s great about this hook is you can use it to hang just about anything.  One user printed it out and wanted to test if it could hold a 20lb kettlebell, and it did!  Hang your coat, bag, or anything you’d like from this handy hook


5) Fully assembled 3D printable wrench by DanielNoree


You can 3d print this wrench in one piece so it doesn’t require any assembly. All you have to do is remove the supports and you’ll have a working 3d printable wrench! 


6) 3D-printable generic cabinet knob by CreativeTools

If your dresser or drawer set is missing a knob, no problem! Just 3d print this classic cabinet knob and paint it to match the rest of them. 


7) Pegstr – Pegboard Wizard by mgx


These pegboard hooks are perfect to keep your tool shed organized. Instead of digging through a box to find what you need, everything can hang on a pegboard where it’s easy to get at! 


Use this DIY paper cutter for all your other DIY projects! Great for trimming small material for models. 



This 3d printable shower tray fits right onto the shower faucet – the best part is you don’t have to deal with any suction cups that may or may not work! 



Have you ever been grating a vegetable or cheese and accidentally nicked your fingers? This sweet designs helps you grate food without getting your hands caught in the way! Genius! 


11) Dripping Soap Holder Dish by MorenaP


This simple 3d printable soap tray is perfect for holding your hand soap in the bathroom so it’s not sliding around. The raised ridges help the water run out so the soap can stay dry. 


12) Desktop Organizer by le FabShop


 You can print this desk organizer in separate parts so you can only print what you need. It comes with a pencil/pen holder, a hard holder, and a paperclip and paperclip container. Compact and practical for whatever you need to keep handy on your desk. 


13) Zuzanna Lamp by le FabShop


Another great design by le FabShop! This beautiful lamp head is great as a desk light or a hanging light above your dining room table. This lamp was designed to fit the Zortrax M200 (20x20x18.5) build volume.  


We’ve highlighted some of the many awesome practical designs on Pinshape, but there are lots more. Feel free to share your practical designs with us on Pinshape or upload a print of a practical design you’ve printed. If you do, you’ll be automatically entered to win our MeltInk Print contest where you could win free filament or a MatterControl 3D printer Controller.  


For more awesome practical designs, check out the Home Living section on Pinshape


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