Pinshape’s Top Designs! – April 22nd, 2016

Pinshape’s Top Designs! – April 22nd, 2016

It’s Friday again and to celebrate, we’re highlighting our favorite designs on Pinshape this week! Don’t forget that if you download a design, give a like or comment to the designer. Believe me, it’s wonderful hearing feedback, so let the designer know they’re appreciated! Better yet, upload a print to show them your finished product 🙂 If you do, you’ll be entered into our MeltInk Print contest & could win filament or a Matterhackers 3D printer controller! 


wojtekWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 
Sith Lord


Darth Vader Bust Easy Print by nakwada

Have you guys seen the new Rogue One trailer? I’m so excited for the movie. It’s going to be awesome! I will hate December for the weather but will love it again because of the new Star Wars movies that will be coming out. If you’re looking for some cool gadgets for your room or desk, this Vader bust is worth a shot. It can double as a headphone holder!


lucas_sillyLucas’ Pick

Loving Earth


Earth Ring by Les Hall

Not everyone is on board with being more eco-friendly, and while it does mean a change to most people’s lifestyle, think of it this way: we only have one Earth. This ring is a great, small reminder that we’re all in this together and change can’t happen unless we all do our part. What’s one goal you’ll work towards this week to make things a little greener?


victoria_sillyVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Romantic Wanderer


Lighthouse on a rock by kijai

I’ve been watching documentaries about British Castles on Netflix lately and it has got me reminiscing about the places I’ve traveled to and the love and admiration I have for buildings of the past. For some reason I really like the rawness of crude buildings on an unpolished piece of rock. This lighthouse on a rock really feels like humans living with nature instead of the perfectly flattened and paved roads of city dwellings. There’s something really romantic about this design and would make a lovely table piece to help us city slickers remember the beauty outside of our concrete jungle.


nick_sillyNick’s Pick



Wolverine Claws by Les Hall

As a kid, I’ve always loved Wolverine. He’s cool, he’s tough, and he was born about a 3 hour drive from where I was born so I naturally gravitated towards him. I’m sure everyone has pretended to have his awesome claws at one point, so here’s your chance! Les designed some great claws that are easy for everyone to use, and will make you feel like a superhero in no time!


laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Never too old to play dress up


Auerlia, Warrior of Valhalla (Scale Mail Armor) by Devon Jones

I’m so impressed by this design and print! The detailing is incredible and I can appreciate how much time and effort went into putting it all together. This would make for an epic Halloween costume or a just because costume if you’re into that. Also, how cute is the model!? 🙂


karenKaren’s Pick

Community Manager
Probability matters


Dice Plinth by zheng3

I’ve really been wanting to get into D&D recently—now I’m just looking for a willing Dungeon Master among my friends. The standard dice boxes will sit very nicely atop zheng3’s dice plinth! It even has a little secret compartment! Keep the game’s aesthetics going even when the campaign is paused 🙂


andreAndre’s Pick

Book lover


Page tracker by Alejoo Barberis

When I read technical books, I tend to highlight important sections, but every time I highlight a page a voice in my head screams in pain telling me I’m devaluing the book. If anyone also hates highlighting books, check this Pager Marker by Alejoo Barberis. They look easy and fast to print so you can stack up a dozen of markers for your next reading adventure!



jibranJibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
Mr. Man


Reprint of Frankenstein Light Switch Plate from LoboCNC by chuck_hellebuyck

This is why I love Pinshape. The creativity of our community is unbelievable. Just have a look at this Frankenstein style light switch. No it’s not just a gimmick but an actual working piece. In fact there is a video on Youtube about it as well. The best part is now anytime you turn the light on, you have a legit excuse to yell “It’s aliiiiiive!” 😉



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