Announcing the 2016 Pinshape Awards Nominees!

Announcing the 2016 Pinshape Awards Nominees!

As the year 2016 comes to a close we want to take a moment to recognize the great accomplishments of the 3D printing community. This year’s Pinshape awards will feature the 3D community’s top designers, makers, youtubers, software brands, 3d printer brands, and materials brands! Vote on your favorites and you could win $100 Amazon Gift Card!





Top Integrated Electronics Designs

3D printing and electronics go together like peanut butter and jelly! Vote for your favourite 3D design that allows for integrated electronics. 



Top Functional Designs

3D printing technology is advancing so quickly that not only is it being used for prototyping, but you can also manufacture functional items! 



Top Home Living Designs

From vases to lamp shades, these are a few of the top things that you can print to decorate your house! Which one is your favorite?



Top Game/Cosplay Designs 

Whether you’re 3D printing a prop from a game or a piece of clothing, there’s no doubt the 3D printing and Cosplay community are growing closer! Last month we held a Cosplay design contest and got some incredible entries. Here’s the top cosplay designs from this year.  



Top Designer

These designers never fail to impress us with their interesting designs! You choose who will be crowned the 2016 Top Designer.



Top Maker 

You can tell how passionate these nominees are about 3D printing by how much they are printing and the quality of their prints!



Top Print

To get a truly amazing print, you need to have your printer settings dialed in, but must also master the craft of post processing! These were some of the top prints for this year, vote for your favorite! 



Top 3D Design Software

Incredible designs are created with incredible design software. Vote for the software that lets you create your best designs. 



Top 3D Printing Software

Possibly one of the most challenging parts of 3D printing is finding the right print settings. Vote for the 3D printing software which gives you clean prints and is easy to use! 



Top 3D Printer

The relationship between maker and machine is the most important of all! These were our communities top picks so choose your favourite!



Top 3D Printing Youtuber

They’re out to help educate the 3D printing community one video at a time. Thanks to these nominees for creating awesome content. Vote for your favorite and see who takes home the prize! 



Top 3D Printing Materials Brand

There’s all sorts of new 3D printing material coming out on the market and these are the brands leading the way! Vote for the brand that you keep going back to! 



That’s all for this year! The form takes less than 2 minutes to fill out and once completed, you’ll be entered to win $100 Amazon Gift Card. Voting ends on January 1, 2017. Good luck to all the nominees!




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