Pinshape’s Featured Designs – December 9th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – December 9th

The holidays are coming up so we have lots of festive designs among our picks this week. Print them out as decorations or gifts. Make the holidays truly exciting by entering into our Space Design Contest for the chance to win a ZYYX+ 3D printer. 

Decorative Snowman Container by Sonia Verdu

We’re always excited when Sonia Verdu posts a new design. The heads of these snowmen screw off to reveal a hollow inside perfect for hiding small treats and gifts. 

Holiday Party Picks and Swizzle Sticks by barb_3dprintny

We had to feature this design based on name value alone. I’m personally not familiar with “Swizzle Sticks” but I could imagine that they bring some life to the party. 

Checker Set with Castle Piece Holder by COUGHANOUR

We’ve seen lots of chess sets but some of us are much more comfortable with checkers and COUGHANOUR did an awesome job with both the pieces and the case.

Christman Tree by idig3d

Artificial Christmas trees are in this year so scale this hollow design up and get printing! If you want to make something truly massive, check out our blog post on splitting designs into multiple parts

Phone Holder Elephant Nördz

This elephant makes for a simple and functional phone holder. This would make for a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for distant relatives. 

Monstero Saki by milostutu

This Monstero makes for a simple and friendly sculpt and we’re told there are more to come! Give it a print and get creative with painting. 

That’s all for this week. Enter your festive prints into the Algix3D Print Contest to win exotic algae based filament and a license to Simplify3D!


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