Tips on sharing your designs via Youtube with Pinshape’s DOTM J Wall!

Tips on sharing your designs via Youtube with Pinshape’s DOTM J Wall!

Our December’s featured designer is J Wall from PRINT THAT THING! We got to know him better, and got a few tips on getting into 3D design and filming Youtube videos for 3D printing. He’s also got some special holiday themed designs to share with the Pinshape community!

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

J Wall December designer of the month 3d design

Pinshape: How did you first get into 3D printing?

J Wall: I saw a few videos on YouTube about 3D Printing and was hooked! Since highschool, I’ve always wanted to learn 3D modelling but I would only do a few tutorials, then quit. Once I saw it was possible to create physical objects with ideas and a computer, I became addicted. I watched every video I could find on 3D printing/modelling and yearned very badly to touch something that had been printed. So after a few months of drooling over videos online, I finally decided I was going to go out on a limb (financially) and buy one! From then on, I’ve tried to model something to print out every week and haven’t let my printer take a break.


J Wall December designer of the month 3d design

Pinshape: You’ve got some super original designs! Where do you get inspiration for them?

J Wall: In the beginning I would download other people’s designs to learn how to design. My favorite designs came from LeFabShop because they made models that didn’t require a lot of post cleanup and would be usable straight out of the printer. I’m also inspired by functional objects that you can print and use for everyday life. Most of my inspiration comes from things I need in my own life, things I need for Indie Mutt Creative video projects, or fashion-related things that I can wear and share the “idea of 3D printing” with people.   


Pinshape: What made you want to start a Youtube channel for 3D printing?

J Wall: I remembered the feelings I had in my pre-printer days of wanting to feel something that was printed and thought it’d be a cool way to give away 3D printed objects to people with that same feeling. At the same time, I can take challenges/requests from the Youtube community to advance my modeling and 3D printing skills. My day job is film making, so making movies about 3D printing was inevitable.  


Pinshape: Any tips for community members who may want to start their own Youtube channel?

J Wall: Just jump! It’s very scary at first to throw your face, thoughts, and designs out into the world, but after you do the first video, the anxiety slowly starts to decline. I’ve also had a lot of fun posting pictures on instagram and learning from other makers on there, then asking Instagrammers to check out my Youtube channel. When creating things for YouTube I try to think of things everyone can enjoy and are shareable. It’s a very slow and lonely journey in the beginning but being consistent in your video posting helps tremendously in getting your channel into Google’s search analytics.  I try to post at least one video a month while in between film projects, but it’s suggested to post twice a week. Also try interacting actively on Youtube’s platform by talking to your online friends and commenting on the 3D printing videos you enjoy. I’d strongly recommend investing in a good mic so your videos have great sound and use any lights you can find to bring up the picture quality. And the most important tip is to have fun and try printing crazy stuff!


J Wall December designer of the month 3d design


Pinshape: What design software do you use for your designs?

J Wall: I use Cinema4D to model my prints since it’s what I use for film making and I’m familiar with it. I’ve also been learning 123D Design by Autodesk to teach tutorials because it’s free and they have some 3D printing helpers built into the software. Once I export my models, I always run them through Netfabb’s cloud service to fix any errors, make it watertight, and printable.


Pinshape: Got any tips for someone who wants to get into 3D design?

J Wall: Yes! Learn from other modelers’ designs and absorb everything you can find on how to model for 3D printing. You have to keep in mind certain modeling limitations that the printer can actually perform while designing, so Google those. You’ll learn that with trial and error as well. I’d also suggest trying out multiple 3D softwares until you find the one you really enjoy. There’s a TON of tutorials out there for normal 3D modeling that you can use as reference, then adapt the techniques for use in your own 3D models. It’s a good idea to get some callipers and measure things around your house to see if you can create objects that fit/add to them or enhance its aesthetic or functionality. It’s also fun to think of two random words like “kite” and “dragon” then trying to make a super cool origami Dragon Kite using 3D printing. Ok maybe not, but you get the idea…  


J Wall December designer of the month 3d design


Pinshape: How’s Bobo these days?

J Wall: Bobo is GREAT, thanks for asking! He just got his shots and check up from the vet, and they said he’s in perfect health. Bobo is my duuuude!


J Wall December designer of the month 3d design


Pinshape: Anything else you’d like to share with the Pinshape community?

J Wall: Yeah! Try not to get discouraged from your failed prints or when you want to throw your printer out the window! Try to think of everything as a learning challenge and keep printing constantly.

I’d also like to open up the floor for community suggestions that we can collaborate on together, then share the files with the rest of the world on Pinshape! I’ve only received a few suggestions from the online community but wish there were more! We love hearing super crazy ideas from other makers and dreamers. Bobo and I are totally down to mash up with other makers, so don’t be bashful! Happy printing all you nerds out there.

With love, J Wall

Got design ideas for J Wall? Comment below! 


jwall holiday themed designs



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