3D Designer Spotlight – Sidnaique: Detailed 3D Design

3D Designer Spotlight – Sidnaique: Detailed 3D Design

This week’s designer spotlight here at Pinshape is being focused on the talented sidnaique, otherwise known as Sid Naique. Sid is a very talented 3D designer who has shared some really cool work with the community here and is constantly adding more. You’ll recognize his designs from the signature all black background behind detailed designs. We got a chance to talk whim about his inspiration, tools and advice for up and comers.

3D Printed scale furniture sidnaique pinshape


Thanks for taking time to join us, Sid, let’s get right to it! You have an interesting range of models on the site, scale model furniture and realistic busts, what it is about those categories that inspires you to create 3D designs?

I am a big fan of ‘stop motion animation’ and I have seen how painful it is to make each prop by hand. 3D Printing makes it easy now but modeling these props in 3D is not easy or quick either. So I decided to help these artists out by making detailed scale models available online.

I am a traditional portrait artist and when I started 3D Modeling, no matter what I did I never felt that joy! All my digital sculptures were just an illusion to me, till 3D printing came along. Now I could touch and feel the sculptures I made in 3D. What better way to share this joy than to share it on communities like Pinshape?


The scale models are really interesting, what types of people are looking for those designs and what are they using them for?

As I mentioned earlier, I design these models for the stop motion animation artists. But these scale models also attract a lot of engineers, architects, dollhouse makers for the interiors of their model houses, etc.

Well I can’t wait to see one of your designs in a stop motion film then!



The level of detail in the busts you do is incredible. How did you learn such detailed modelling, and what is the biggest secret to making a design really look like the person who inspired it?

The internet is your best friend. I am a self-taught 3D modeller and I rely completely on the internet as the source of my knowledge.

There is no secret to making a model look like the person who inspired it, but this is what I do: Before you begin modeling, look at as many pictures of the person as possible… stare at them for hours. Watch as many videos as possible (if the person is an actor/actress) till you get to know that face like that of any of your family members or friends. This won’t help you make an accurate model in 5 minutes… but it won’t allow you to be satisfied with your model till it really starts looking like the person.

3D Printed Snape sidnaique pinshape


What’s a design you’d love to work on, but haven’t had the chance to yet?

I have a dream project of life-sized sculptures which won’t be possible with available options in 3D Printing. I am still waiting for 3D printing to be less limited (in terms of size and materials) and more affordable.


Do you have any advice for a 3D design beginner looking to get to the level of skill you’ve reached?

Try not to be a ‘fan’ of one tool/software. Try everything that’s available to you… free, trial, demo. Use anything that gets you the best results.


What tools (hardware and software) do you use to create for your designs?

ZBrush, Mudbox, Maya, 3dsMax, netfabb Studio Basic, Meshlab and a Wacom tablet.


You have 3 words or less to describe how you want people to feel when they see your work. Go!

No words!


Haha, well played. What are you working on next?

I have a huge list of scale models to be modeled. From bathroom fittings to a wind millJ.


Is there anything else you’d like the Pinshape community to know about you?

Well, I am new to 3D printing like others and I believe we can learn more only by sharing what we know. I write a blog http://sidnaique.blogspot.in/ whenever I get little time and try to share my knowledge as tutorials. I know what I know today because someone decided to share their knowledge with others and I like to return the favor.

Well we’ll have to see if you’ll create some tutorials we can share with the Pinshape community when we launch our tutorial section right away then! 


Thanks for taking the time to tell us a little bit about yourself, Sid. We can’t wait to see what else you create!


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