Our community’s favorite 3D designs this week!

Our community’s favorite 3D designs this week!

Hi Pinshapers!

You’ve seen our weekly staff picks, but we recently opened up design picks to the community! We’ll be releasing these in place of staff picks every once in a while, so if you wanted to be featured here, choose your favorite design on Pinshape and tell us why. You can submit your answers on this simple form. But now, let’s take a look at some of our community member’s chosen designs and why they think you should give these a print!  


Picked by: Dan Steeleplasticdan2

Design: Albedo by fantasygraph


albedo fantasy graph 3d designs

Fantasygraph has a knack for making well posed, cool characters that are printable without supports. The differences between a character that is easily printable without support and one that requires supports and a ton of clean up can be subtle. Fantasygraph is a master at doing it without being obvious. A hand on a hip at just the right angle, hair laying just so on a shoulder— his models are a joy to print.


dr.zeus pinshapePicked by: Dr.Zeus

Design: Tiny Articulated Bot

Link to maker’s print

tiny articulated bot BQ pinshape print  3d designs

I’m always impressed with designs that are articulated and print in place. I love how easy it is to print and not have to assemble together parts. Also it seemed like a cute design that may double as a little gift!


avatarPicked by: CATO

Design: Cup with Gun Handle by LC

Link to maker’s print

cup with gun handle pinshape  3d designs

I picked this design because of the ability of the original designer to take a very powerful object and then marry it with a cup to change it into a useful object. It also has taken the look of a deadly object and put a completely different perspective on it. I enjoyed printing the gun cup and its .STL file had no problems, making it an easy print. 



mark simmons

Picked by: Mark Simmons 

Design: Ring Doorbell Bracket

doorbell bracket 3d printed pinshape  3d designs

It is the simple designs like this that truly bring out the essence of 3D Printing. Someone has a problem, and they design and create a solution. arijaycomet needed an easy secure solution to mount a doorbell. Obviously, scouring the web and running to hardware stores looking for a product that would address his needs would be time consuming and aggravating. Simple and functional!


morena prottiPicked by: MorenaP

Design: Rocket Pencil Extender by FORMBYTE

rocket pencil extender formbyte morenap pinshape 3d designs

Between sketching on the go and life drawing, my colored pencils get shorter and shorter as time goes on! This will really be handy in extending their life up to the last usable bit!



tanya wiesnerPicked by: Tanya Wiesner

Design: Owl by Rafael Abreu

Link to maker’s print

3d printed owl 3d designs pinshape

Perfect combination of cute and small. What girl (and guy) wouldn’t find this tiny owl adorable? Designer Rafael Abreu did a wonderful job on the details of this little bird.


If you print out these designs, don’t forget to upload a print and share you settings with the community! You can help getting the perfect print just a little bit easier for the next person.

Know a designer who deserves to be featured? Tell us now and submit your community pick to show up on the Pinshape Blog! 

pikitote 3d designs


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