Announcing MadeSolid Part 2 Winners!

Announcing MadeSolid Part 2 Winners!

In Part 1 of our MadeSolid print contest, we had 200 winners who all received a roll of MadeSolid PET+ filament! For Part 2 of this contest, we asked the winners from part 1 to print something with their new MadeSolid filament and upload their print on Pinshape for a chance to win MORE filament!

container_IMG_20151127_173513design by 3Dkitbash

Thank-you to all those who entered and uploaded prints! The quality of prints and pictures you took is very impressive and it sure looks like everyone made good use of their new filament. Entries were judged based on the complexity of the model, the print quality, the image composition, and image clarity.  


And the winners are….



Honourable Runners Up! (In no order)

The quality of your prints were fantastic and the judges were impressed with your photos which showed the level of detail in your print. Congratulations! You’ve all won 25% off your next order of MadeSolid Filament.  

Carnation Blossom – 3D Printed by tanya Wiesner

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners carnations

Tanya both designed and printed this beautiful carnation! Her designs are always fun and colourful and this one doesn’t disappoint.  The print turned out gorgeous and could definitely be passed off as a real carnation. 


Fully assembled 3D printable wrench – 3D Printed by richard_swika

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners wrench

This 3D printed wrench turned out perfectly clean. Not only does it look good, but it works!  Richard commented that it’s the first time he’s ever had support fall out and have the wrench work immediately! 


Bottle/Soda/Sauce Cap Opener – 3D Printed by Aron Igelström

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners bottle opener

A simple yet useful print! This bottle cap opener turned out very well and it looks like Aron is getting some good use out of it. Cheers! 


Baby Formula Mixer – 3D Printed by Claudiu Octavian

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners forumla mixer

A very creative and practical design that turned into a nice clean print. For those wondering how it works, you stick the long end (clear) into a bottle and attach it to the batteries. Put the top on and you’ve got yourself a baby formula mixer! 


micro fpv camera case – 3D Printed byMorgan Hawkins

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners camera cover

Simple and effective- this case printed with strong and flexible MadeSolid PET+ will keep a micro fpv camera protected from even the clumsiest of hands and hardest of floors. 


Sigan Clone 190 – 3D Printed by Sigil3D

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners drone

We love the colour combination of this Sigan Clone 190! The MadeSolid PET+ is strong enough to hold in the screws without nuts and may even weather a few crashes. 


Ice Scrapper – 3D Printed by dan steele

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners scraper

It’s that time of year that ice scrapers are necessary (depending on what part of the world you live in)! This one was personalized with Dan’s name on it and his print turned out great. 


head VTHC SEEKER – 3D Printed by Macone1

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners robot head

Macone1 printed this VTHC Seeker robot head in sapphire blue MadeSolid PET+ filament which turned out beautifully. He used the settings recommended on the MadeSolid website and says that it turned out great! 


Second Place

2 stroke motor model – 3D Printed by Semi-Aquatic

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners 2nd place

We are amazed by the detail and quality of this print! This two stroke motor model was printed in two pieces for demonstration purposes with the stunning ruby red MadeSolid filament. Congratulations! You’ve won 10 more rolls of MadeSolid PET+! Happy printing with your new filament!


First Place

Swivel desk vice – 3D Printed by Twinbot

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners 1st place

Another wonderfully practical print with the swivel desk vice.  MadeSolid is a strong filament and perfect for useful applications like this. Great print Twinbot! Congratulations, you’ve won 20 more rolls of MadeSolid PET+! Happy printing with your new filament.

Congratulations to our winners from MadeSolid Part 2! Special thank-you to MadeSolid for sponsoring us with more awesome filament to giveaway.  If you didn’t win filament this time, we’ve got more contests coming your way in February, so stay tuned. 


Keep uploading Prints and Designs!  

We love seeing your designs with the MadeSolid filament! Be sure to upload your prints and keep taking awesome photos to share with the community.  


 The Pinshape community is talking about us! Send your testimonials to [email protected].  

MadeSolid Part 2 Winners testimony infinity3d


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