Stellar 3D designs on Pinshape this week!

Stellar 3D designs on Pinshape this week!

Alright, so it’s the weekend and your printer is sitting there, untouched and cold. You can fix this. You can print something! And we’re here to help you figure out what 3D designs you should print! Which one of our picks made it onto your build plate? Share a print so we can lord it over each other with our superior picks. 


Lauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Green Thumb

counter top herb garden dan steele 3d designs

Counter Top Herb Garden by dan steele

I grew a ton of different herbs on my porch in the summer and I loved using them for cooking! Unfortunately, most of them died as soon as it got cold. I’ve been looking into indoor gardening and I’d like to try growing some fresh basil and parsley inside. It definitely beats the alternative of paying for a small amount in the store each time you need it. Plus, fresh herbs will make your house smell great!


andre's faceAndre’s Pick

GoPro Addict

go pro run rail mount pinshape 3d designs

Gun Rail Mount for GoPro by 3D_Printster 

I’m always looking for better ways and places to mount my GoPro. When I play airsoft I usually mount my GoPro to the mask. There is a better way. 3D_Printster uploaded a gun rail that is easy and cheap to print. Looking forward to trying this out during my next airsoft game!


Karen's FaceKaren’s Pick

Community Manager
Vault Hunter

borderlands loot chest 3d printing 3d designs pinshape

Mini Borderlands Loot Chest by ChaosCoreTech

I love this mini loot chest! ChaosCoreTech made it small to store his SD cards. I’m not sure how big I’ll end up printing mine, but I’m excited for the prospect of painting this! A wonderful accompaniment to this design is the designer’s YouTube video of how he designed, then printed it. I can’t believe this design was entirely made in TinkerCAD.


nick's faceNick’s Pick

Robot Wrangler

afinitron mecha zone pinshape 3d designs

Bag-O-Bots: Afinitron by Mecha Zone

Woo hoo, more robots! Mecha Zone’s awesome, ball jointed robots are now available on Pinshape, including this cool Afinitron free download. He’s put a lot of work into making sure they print great, and he’s even arranged all the parts in the correct orientations in the same file so you can print your bot off all at once! If you’re an aspiring designer, make sure to check out his tips on designing robots and toys!


victoria's faceVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Hipster at Heart

three squared coasters pinshape 3d designs

Three Squared Coasters by [email protected]

Yet another funky cool set of coasters from Jono Burgers! Everyone at the Pinshape office loves his circular coasters, and these square ones are just as awesome! Jono has a serious eye for balance and patterns. Applying them in coasters helps any fashion dummy to add a modern feel to any room. Keep up the good work Mister Burgers! 🙂


Wojtek’s Pickwojtek's face

Front-end Developer 
Mr. Plant

faceted planters microworkshops pinshape 3d designsFaceted Planters by Microworkshops

My Practical Prints collection is growing with new designs each day. This week I spotted this very nice looking planter by Microworkshops. There’s something about tiny plants and low-poly pots that make the room more appealing. Why don’t you print it yourself? Just remember to water these plants!


lucas' faceLucas’ Pick

Future Pilot 😉

fokker triplane remix 3d designsFokker DR.1 Triplane Remix by DoctorRudd

My pick this week is an awesome remix of a Fokker Dr.1 triplane. Thanks DoctorRudd. Also, just for fun, check out this video of the “World’s Biggest RC Triplane” — also a Fokker Dr.1. Amazing driving skills and an amazing design. It’s #CRAZY!


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

Kate’s Pick

Be Original! 

you're the one soundwave jonburgers pinshape 3d designs

“You’re the one” Sound Wave by [email protected] 

How cool is this: transform sounds to visual objects. I love this idea! It could be a very cool present for the person you love on any holiday. So original, personal and romantic!


Jibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
Party monster

drinks dispenser 3d designs

Drinks dispenser by ctrl design

With the Super Bowl just a few days away, it’s time to get stocked up on all the food and the ummm . . . beverages. This crazy little dispenser would be a fun little add-on to any football or sports event. If you will be printing this before the game, I suggest do it a few days earlier since it requires more then a couple prints. Oh and as always, drink responsibly ;).


We’d love to hear from you! 

That’s it for this week! Which Pinshape design would you have chosen? If you decide to bring these designs to life, we look forward to seeing your uploaded prints!  Check back next week for another set of picks from your Pinshape staff, or subscribe to our mailing list to get this delivered to your inbox every Friday! 


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