Bike Accessory Design Contest Winners – 3D print them yourself!

Bike Accessory Design Contest Winners – 3D print them yourself!

We are very excited to announce the winners for our bike accessory contest. Our community submitted some amazing designs and we can’t wait to see them put to good use by our bike-riding makers! We hope that everyone who entered had a great time coming up with designs to expand the capabilities of your bike, or just make riding more fun in general.  

All entries were judged on technical excellence and ease of printing, design functionality and application, design creativity and uniqueness, and presentation.  Thanks to our judges, Augstin (aka Flowalistik), Colleen, and Frew who had the tricky job of picking the winners. 


Honourable Mentions

Glowing Unicorn Bike Light by dustylavendar

If you’ve ever had dreams of being a unicorn, this sweet 3D printable glowing unicorn bike light is definitely the next best thing! We love the creativity behind it and not only does it look cool, but cars are far more likely to see you with this on your bike. Watch the video of how he created and assembled it so you can make one too. Nice job dustylavender!


Bike wheel powered Pea-Shooter by dan steele

We hope Dan Steele had as much fun designing this as we did reading about his creative contraption! This pea shooter uses garbanzo beans as ammo and the spinning of the front wheel to power the gun. To use it, simply put the pea down the launch tube and away it goes! The faster you bike, the further the pea will go. Great work Dan! 


Minimalist Action Camera Mount (25mm Handlebar) by Create Cafe 3D Printing

Sometimes, simple is the best way to go and this 20 minute camera mount print is a great example of that. This camera mount was designed to fit the GoPro quick release and needs some tape and zip ties to attach.  It’s a functional design that’s easy to print and best of all – no supports necessary! 


Robot Bicycle Zoetrope by KitCameo

This cool design turns your bike wheel into a zoetrope! Although it might look like a blur while riding, take a video with your phone and you’ll see this little guy moving. You should absolutely check out this print of it in action. Very creative idea by KitCameo – nice work! 


Bunny Ball – Kid’s Bike Ornament by r2dchu

This easy to print design is sure to make bike riding more fun for kids! 3D print it and use a hair tie to attach it to the front of just about any bike bar. Great job r2dchu!


After much deliberation from the judges… here are the winners!!

Third Place 


iBrake Remote Braking System for Kids Bikes (Brick Compatible) by daveyclk

We were very impressed by the functionality and application of this design. Also inspired by his children, daveyclk created this design so he can control the breaks for his kids in case of an emergency from up to 100m away! It lights up when the brake system is deployed and the iBrick can hold lego figurines on top. Who said you can’t have more fun and be safe at the same time 🙂  He gives a detailed break down of how to put it together on the design page. Congratulations – you win a $100 gift card to Pure Cycles


Second Place 


Bicyclops : animatronics bicycle control by Koom

This cool design was inspired by animatronics and a monster named cyclops! The cyclops eye follows the handlebars and blinks when you ring the bell! See a video of how it works and instructions on how to put it together on his page! Congratulations – you’ve won $100 gift card to Pure Cycles and a Wacom Intuos Creative Pen and Touch Tablet (medium)


First Place 

container_smartphone-flexible-mount-for-bike-3d-printing-87395 (1)

Smartphone Flexible Mount for Bike by Sonia Verdu

If you like to bike to new places and like to use your phone as your GPS, this flexible phone mount will come in handy. Sonia created this flexible phone mount that works with a variety of bikes and phones.  This was designed to be printed with non-flexible filament and because of the structure of the design, it behaves flexibly! Check out her video of it in action.  Congratulations Sonia, you’ve won a Form 2 3D printer




Congratulations again to all our winners! One of our staff will get in touch with you on how to claim your prize. Big thank-you to our sponsors Formlabs, Wacom, and Pure Cycles for sponsoring the awesome prizes for this contest! 

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry! We’ve got another contest on Monday. Stay tuned to find out more!


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