Pinshape Staff Picks! – July 8th

Pinshape Staff Picks! – July 8th

The winners for our Bike Accessory Contest have been announced and we had some incredible submissions. Check it out to see if you won and to see some of the other awesome entries. Our Push Plastic Print Contest has also just finished and the judges look forward to the daunting task of choosing 40 winners to receive a roll of Push Plastic’s excellent filament. Stay tuned next week for those winners and for an exciting new contest announcement! 


Jason’s Pick

Engineer of Mechanical Things

Bicyclops by Koom

A bicycle accessory that turns my bike into fantastical creature with realistic eye tracking and blinking movements AND it has potatohead-style swappable mustaches?! OMGYES! This is the present I never knew I needed. This is my motivation to actually buy a bell (sure, I’ve been riding everyday for 3 years, but just yelling at people has worked fine so far). I’m going to print as many as I can and just give them out at the next Boston Bike Party. Viva la bicyclops!

Sam’s Pick

Marketing Wizardry Intern 

Giant Squids by Formlabs

These squids were designed by Formlabs’ own Brian Allan as a fun way to show of the build volume of the Form 2. You can however build these on whatever printer in whatever size you are like and we most definitely encourage it!


Eliza’s Pick 

Printer of all of the Things!

Puzzle Cube by ion_gurguta

3D printers excel when they create tangible shapes that would be difficult to make any other way. This sweet little puzzle has some complex geometry, but is quick to print and fun to assemble! The stand is a nice touch.

laurenLauren’s Pick 

Manager of all of the Content!

Finger Wrench by franc_falco

This design is so clever. When you can’t tighten a bold because your wrench won’t fit into the space, this handy gadget and your finger will do the trick! This is a great example of 3D modeling and printing for practical use in your home.

Moira’s Pick

Sales Team and Hobbyist Unicorn Wrangler

Twist Planter by 3DBrooklyn

I’ve been trying to create a hanging plant garden for the longest time, and after looking around for numerous little pots to hold all the plants, came across these prints! These are the perfect size to hang under my skylight, and are a step above the traditional clay pots that I would buy from the garden store!

Chris’ Pick

Manufacturing Magician 

Stormtrooper Officer by Getxoblues

These awesome stormtrooper models print in a bunch of pieces and are fully articulated! I plan on printing one over the weekend though I’m not sure about the scarf. 


That’s all for this week! Make sure to check out the winners of our Bicycle Accessory Contest and stay tuned for some exciting announcements next week! In the mean time, check out more sweet designs on Pinshape!