Algix3D Print Contest Winners!

Algix3D Print Contest Winners!

Each entrant into the Algix3D Print Contest had the chance to win exotic algae or OMNI filament. We had plenty of amazing entries and 30 winners will get an email to claim their prize shortly. Our first place winner will receive extra filament or Formlabs resin and a license to Simplify3D! Without further ado, here were some of our favourite entries. 

Honourable Mentions

Andúril (Aragorn’s Sword) by 3DNG

Costumes will always win you bonus points in our contests. This sword was printed in multiple pieces to closely resemble that from the movie and the pictures made it for us. 

Black Ops Ray Gun by paoloboni95

This Ray Gun prints in multiple pieces and assembles together. Paoloboni95 did a great job with both the assembly and painting!

Small Jointed Reindeer by mingshiuan

Sonia Verdu’s Jointed Reindeer’s are always a favourite of ours. Mingshiuan did a great job with printing and broke out the paints afterwards. 

First Order Stormtrooper Helmet by Doodle_Monkey

We made a similar helmet for our Glow in the Dark blog post so we know how much work can go into one. Doodle_monkey did a great job with assembly and you can hardly tell that it’s made of 9 different pieces. 

OpenRC Tractor Fertilizer by ianbroady

Ianbroady did an awesome job of printing and assembling this OpenRC tractor with the fertilizer add-on. We loved both his print and picture. 

First Place Winner!

Heavenly Warrior Steel by erik_parienty 

Our first place winner is erik_parienty with his print of the Heavenly Warrior Steel. We were blown away with the quality he was able to achieve on an FDM printer and he posted over 15 images of the print. Congratulations, you’ve won 375g of Algae Filament and a license to Simplify3D

Thanks to all who entered and if you haven’t done so already, check out our Space Design Contest!


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