Announcing the Print Contest Winners

Announcing the Print Contest Winners

Entries into the Print Contest demonstrated a number of finishing techniques from painting to multi-material printing. If you’d like to learn how to achieve professional quality finishes on your own parts, check out the 10 Easy Steps for Painting 3D Printed Parts. The judges had a tough time picking the top entries, but each honourable mention will receive a roll of PLA filament and the winner 500g of Carbonyte filament!

Honourable Mentions

Warhammer 40K Handgun by Fallout

Fallout did a great job assembling the components for this prop from Warhammer 40K and with the final painting. We’re looking forward to seeing what they make next with their roll of PLA!

Black Swan V2 by noonetom 

This model by fantasygraph was designed to be printed entirely without supports. Noonetom did a great job with the printing and processing afterwards. 

Medieval Castle by Jon Herman 

This 90 hour print by Jon Herman is one of the largest we’ve seen yet. The original design is split into multiple pieces so that it can be made larger than your printer’s build volume. 

Call of Duty Ray Gun by Tjardo

Tjardo wins the award for the second longest print with this Ray Gun that took 50 hours to make. The judges especially liked the color scheme and use of multiple materials. 

Custom Cutaway Saber Hilt by Felix Garcia (Chaco)

We created our own Saber Hilt here at Pinshape and can appreciate the work that goes into making Sean Charlesworth’s original design. Felix Garcia did a great job with their own rendition! 

1st Place Winner!

Ankly Robot by Ronald Jaramillo 

Ronald Jaramillo used a special metallic filament to get this incredible finish on Sonia Verdu’s Ankly Robot design. The print coupled with his great photography made this the judges first place pick! Congratulations on your win of Carbonyte filament and we’re looking forward to seeing what you make next. 


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