Pinshape Featured Designs – August 4th

Pinshape Featured Designs – August 4th

This week we’re featuring a number of printed assemblies that make for great models to practice your painting on. Check out the just released Ultimate Guide on Painting 3D Printed Parts for a full tutorial! If design is more your style, enter into the Avatar Design Challenge which has just a month remaining and awards prizes from Formlabs, Oculus, Mold3D, and Pixologic!

Voronoi Fractured Print-in-Place Pyramid Puzzle by CreativeTools

While this puzzle is made of only 10 printed parts, it’s deceptively challenging to assemble together. Keep yourself from using the assembly video or images and see how long it takes you!  

Guardian Shield + Zelda Breath of the Wild by Adafruit 

This is one of the largest projects Adafruit has done to date! The Guardian Shield measures 700mm x 600mm and Adafruit has provided a full tutorial to create your own and integrate the electronics. 

Rick’s Portal Gun by bchan 

With the release of Season 3, it only seemed appropriate to feature Rick’s Portal Gun. Bchan’s design prints and assembles easily and you can break out the paints to add some personal flair. 

360° camera mount for OpenRC F1 by DanielNoree

One of Daniel Noree’s newest designs allows you to attach a 360 degree camera to the popular OpenRC F1 design. Make sure to check out his footage of the camera in action!

Stoyries – Low-Poly Plane by FLOWALISTIK

When someone makes a Stoyries purchase, they receive one plane and another individual in an exceptional situation receives a second. This connects the individuals and helps them to communicate. The current Stoyries campaign is working to raise funds and connect refugees in Greece and you can show your support by printing your own plane!

Easy Print Voronoi Tealight Candle Holder by LukeK

This tealight holder makes a great test print for dialing in your retraction and overhang settings. It might be best to use an LED tealight as 3D printing plastics have a tendency to melt easily. 


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