Collections Just Got Way Better

Collections Just Got Way Better

Hey Pinshapers! 

We’re happy to announce that our Collections just got a makeover, meaning they’re easier to use and more powerful than ever! Now, you can keep track of the 3D designs you love and stay organized quickly and seamlessly as you use Pinshape so you can concentrate on printing, not navigating the site.


Collect As You browse – Without Interruption

We wanted to make sure Collecting things was easy as you browse through all the great 3D designs on Pinshape. To make that happen, when you Collect something, you’ll be able to easily save that design in a new or existing Collection, all without ever leaving the page you’re on. It might seem minor, but it makes a huge difference to the ability to Collect multiple things quickly without losing your place or having to navigate back to the designs you were browsing.

Pinshape 3D Printing Collection


Move & Delete Designs From Collections

We’ve also added the ability to move your designs between your own Collections. While the benefit may not be obvious right away, we love to move designs from our “Things to Print” Collection to our “Things I’ve Printed” Collection to keep things organized and easy to find. Additionally, if you just don’t want something anymore, you can choose to delete it from your Collection. Goodbye clutter!

Pinshape 3D Printing Collection


More Collection Info

Sometimes when you’re looking at a great Collection, you want to see who created it so you can follow them, find out what else they’re interested in or send them a message. Now, you’re able to see the creator and Follow directly from the Collection page.

Pinshape 3D Printing Collection View


We’d love to hear from you! 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the recent makeover, so go Collect a few designs for yourself (it only takes a few seconds) and let us know what you think about the new Collections!


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