Winners of MakerTron Design Contest Announced!

Winners of MakerTron Design Contest Announced!

Hey Pinshapers! 

We are very excited to announce the winners for our MakerTron Design Contest where participants created heads, arms, and legs for the MakerTron C.O.R.E.

We had over 190 entries and it was extremely difficult for our judges to narrow it down to three winners. Thank you so much to all participants, we are blown away by what you created! Winning entries received the highest scores in our three judging criteria: creativity, technical excellence, and presentation.

And the winners are…(drumroll please)

Third Place

MakerTron Design Contest Third Place

Designer: milostutu

Design: Maker Tron Omni Defender

Milos went above and beyond by creating a complete MakerTron, and we have to say – it looks intense! He did a fantastic job of articulating all the combat features in detail which makes this MakerTron look like he is ready to go into battle! He even made an epic video presentation of how he put it together using all the parts.

Prize: Medium Intuos Pro Design Tablet From Wacom.


Second Place

MakerTron Design Contest Second place

Designer: J.R. Bédard

Design: MT-20 Animated Hybrid Robot

J.R.’s creation is next level, not just because it looks awesome but because it moves! This hybrid robot is controlled with Arduino and activated via Servos. Check out his video to see a demo of the MakerTron he created and how it gestures, walks, and even runs!    

Prize: da Vinci 1.0 Aio 3D Printer from XYZprinting.


First place

MakerTron Design Contest 1st place

Designer: Doodle_Monkey

Design: MakerTron Omni-Limb System

Doodle_Monkey utilized O.L.S Technology to create a MakerTron with a full range of motion! All the joints are ball and socket so they can bend without breakage, giving this model the ability to make expressive poses. It was the attention to detail and adaptability that really impressed our judges here! He also left room for upgrade ports so the MakerTron can be modified to suit other roles in the MakerTron community in the future.

Prize: Nobel 1.0 3D Printer from XYZprinting

             Pixologic™ ZBrush® 4R7 software

             3D Printing For ZBrush Artists Course from Mold3D 


A special shout out to our other top finalists – we were VERY impressed with your designs. 

SnoopTron Designed by  iwontdeny  

S.U.E. Designed by  Thomas Davis

Dynatron Mk.I Designed by  marco_olmedo

MakerTron_prinPLA-Kit1 (Kit1) Designed by  PRINPLA

MakerTron A.R.K. (Autonomous Rover Companion) Designed by dennis_mejillones

G-Tron Designed by  Max Maurel

MT Support Squad Designed by  Valerio Bellia

Valkyrie Reckon model Designed by  Night647.

Big thank-you to our sponsors XYZprinting, Mold3D, Wacom, and Pixologic for providing the prizes and thanks to all who participated! We’ll see you for our next
contest where you could win printer filament, just for sharing your prints on Pinshape!


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