See Your Key Info – New Dashboard!

See Your Key Info – New Dashboard!

Hi everyone,

We have a new feature to announce today!

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for a consolidated place to find sales, purchases, your designs and some stats on Pinshape. Well, we are happy to announce that you can now find all that info on the Dashboard!

3D Printing Dashboard Pinshape


Using the dashboard, you’ll now have access to all the crucial stuff you need to make sure you stay on top of all your great designs, whether you’re selling or buying.

For the Designers

Let’s start with the¬†info we have here for the designers.

To give you an overview of how you’re doing, we’ve introduced a basic stats bar. This shows you what you need to know about how people are interacting with the¬†designs you’ve as a whole. It’s good for a quick glance and to give you an indication of how popular your portfolio of designs is.

Next, we show you a summary of your most popular designs. This section will let you know which designs make it into your top 3, as determined by the community interaction. This takes into account your sales, likes, repins and comments. We wanted to make sure it was easy for you to figure out what’s working well, so you can get to creating more of what your fans already love!

In the third key section, we give you details about sales and purchases. If you’re a designer, you’ll be able to see both the designs you’ve uploaded (with access to download your own files) as well as a summary of the sales you’ve made. We give you a list of all the designs you’ve sold and how much you earned from each sale as well as a breakdown of the total money you’ve earned, and whether it came from prints, downloads or streams. Again, this is all to help you figure out what’s working for you.

3D Printing Dashboard Pinshape

For Non-Designers

As a non-designer, the tab you’ll be most interested in is Purchases. Here you’ll have access to your entire purchase history, including the option to stream or download any designs your purchased, directly from the dashboard page. This makes it much easier to keep track of what you have access to, and provides a quick way for you to look back at what you’ve bought.

What’s Next

We know this is just the tip of the iceberg for the information we can show you about your work and your purchases. We have some ideas in mind about what might be useful to you, but we’d also love to hear your thoughts. So with that…

What information do you want to be able to easily see on your dashboard?

Until then, feel free to check out your own dashboard now!

– Nick




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