3D Printed Wall Art Design Contest – ON NOW!

3D Printed Wall Art Design Contest – ON NOW!

Hi everyone,

As we alluded to last week when we announced the winners of the Kids’ Toys Contest, we have a brand new design contest lined up for you. The theme for this month, is 3D printed wall art, and you can win $500 in Pinshape credit along with having your designs listed for sale on Amazon! The contest is now open and will end at 11:59:59 PST on August 29.


Some Ideas to Get You Started

You’ll need to channel your inner Rodin or Da Vinci and come up with your own original work that is cool, unique and that could be hung on a wall somewhere. The theme is open to your imagination and you can create whatever you want, as long as it was made to hang on a wall. To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few examples of the types of things that would qualify:

  • your take on historical and famous art
  • taxidermy-style mounted busts
  • words/letter pack to form a quote
  • signs for business or home (opened, closed, beware of dog, home sweet home etc)
  • stained-glass inspired art
  • lightswitch covers for your kids
  • hangable wall clocks with links to additional mechanical and electrical components to complete a build
  • memorabilia display mounts (for hockey sticks, guitars, footballs, baseballs

These are just a few of the possibilities that come to mind, and I’m sure you’ll all impress us with many more that you come up with.

3D Printed Beware of Dog sidnaique pinshape

Beware of Dog Sign – 6inches by sidnaique


What You Need to Submit

To enter the contest, you’ll need a .STL or .OBJ file of the design you’d like to submit, as well as at least one picture (up to 9 allowed) and a detailed description of the design (what it is, what your inspiration was, what tools you used to create it, suggestions for print settings etc). When you upload a design on Pinshape, you’ll need to make sure you check off the little button on the upload page that says “Submit this model to the 3D Printed Wall Art Contest”.

To give yourself the best chance of winning once you’ve uploaded your design, don’t forget to get as many likes on it as possible. You can do this by sharing it on your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, and by responding quickly to any comments that people leave on your design.

Top 3 Entries Get Prizes

The prizes for the contest will be as follows:

First Place – $500 credit to Pinshape, Design listed on Amazon

Second, Third Place – Design listed on Amazon

Contest on Now!

Well, Im sure you’ve already started thinking of some great ideas you’d like to submit, so head on over to the 3D Printed Wall Art Contest and enter now or check out and vote on any great entries that have been submitted so far!

Finally, if you have a cool idea you’d like to see someone create, leave it in the comments below and someone might just bring it to life.





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