Kids’ Toy Design Contest Winners

Kids’ Toy Design Contest Winners

Hi everyone! We are excited to announce the winners of our great 3D Printed Kids’ Toys Design Contest today, as promised.

Before that, we really want to thank everyone who submitted their great designs to the contest. We had a lot of fun seeing all the innovative work that you, the Pinshape Community, is capable of creating, especially for such a fun theme and great cause! We also want to thank all of you who took the time to vote for the designs by Liking them, it was great to see a  lot of interaction and I know the designers appreciated it. Additionally, thanks to the sponsors for providing some great prizes as well, we can’t wait to send them out.

The final decisions weren’t easy, but without further ado, here are your winners!



5th Place – LockUnlock Toy by Ulises Juarez

We loved the design of this toy because it was very interactive and could be used for all sorts of fun things when given to a child. There were also some great instructions as well as real pictures showing off the item as a printed design, which is clearly compatible with FDM printing.

3D printed toy LockUnlock Ulises Juarez Pinshape




4th Place – Monster Jumpers Cluster Pack by Demek

This set of 3 little jumpers showed that you don’t have to complex to be a great toy. These great designs allow for kids to easily have their own custom little jumper to race or battle each other and they can be painted by each child to suit their own personal style. Very cool.

3D Printed Monster Jumpers Cluster Pack Demek Pinshape




3rd Place – Paratrooper by mattbag

We really loved the cool design and attention to detail with this Paratrooper figuring. Like a modern day GI Joe, with cool proportions and impressive looking pictures of a printed object, this design will provide hours of fun and imagination.

3D Printed Paratrooper Matt Bagshaw Pinshape




2nd Place – Lil Pinner Thumb Wrestling Ring by JonathanBrazeau

This fun design was a cool twist on a classic game. We loved the concept behind the idea and could totally picture ourselves playing with this. We also loved the attention to detail in the way the file was laid out for FDM printers and the detailed paint job renders.

Lil Pinner Jonathan Brazeau Pinshape




1rst Place – Chessbot Hero Transforming Chess Set by joealarson

What can we say, to us, this design has everything we were looking for in a cool toy. It acts as both a posable action figure and a functional chess set. It’s a transforming, educational and fun toy that has some really well thought out design elements, proof of printability and functional use. Well done Joe!

Chessbot Hero Transforming Chess Set Joealarson Pinshape

Thanks again for participating in a great cause. We’ll be sure to update you all once the toys have been printed out and make their way over to the great kids and the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. In the mean time, make sure to check back on Monday August 11, 2014 for the announcement of our next design contest! Until then, feel free to browse all the great entries we had from the contest. 


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