Exciting News! Formlabs is Acquiring Pinshape!

Exciting News! Formlabs is Acquiring Pinshape!

Today, we’re very excited to announce that Formlabs is acquiring Pinshape

Together with our community, we’ve built an incredible platform and are very excited that Pinshape will be joining the Formlabs family.  We want to thank our community of wonderfully talented 3D designers and makers for all the support.

What does this mean for our users?

It’s all good news. We’ll be working closely with the Formlabs team to ensure a smooth transition, and won’t be making any significant changes to the platform in the near term. All the things you love about Pinshape, including educational content like 3D printer reviews, the forum, and contests will continue on!


Formlabs is very excited to continue growing the Pinshape marketplace with our community. Here’s a message from Formlabs CEO and co-founder, Max:


“We’ve been following Pinshape for some time. We’ve been impressed by what Pinshape has built, its collaborative community, and the quality of the community’s work in 3D designs. Formlabs shares with Pinshape the same passion in making sophisticated 3D printing technology widely accessible. It is a priority for us to keep supporting and growing the community that has made Pinshape the success it is today.” — Max Lobovsky, co-founder & CEO of Formlabs


Our vision from the start was to build the best 3D design marketplace with top talent from the industry.  Thanks to our community’s work, this vision is coming to life. We’re growing fast. In fact, Pinshape is now the fastest growing 3D marketplace online and helps thousands of people learn more about 3D printing everyday. Pinshape has a bright future ahead, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Formlabs.


From our entire team, thank you for all the love, effort, and feedback. So many of you have supported us and helped grow Pinshape. Look forward to seeing you & all your creativity on Pinshape!


— Pinshape Team


Want to know more about Formlabs, check them out


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