MakerGeeks Print Contest Winners!

MakerGeeks Print Contest Winners!

The MakerGeeks Print Contest was one of our most competitive yet with some impressive prints and post-processing techniques. These were some of our favorites and each of them have won a roll of Crystal Series PLA. Check your inbox to see you were one of the other 44 lucky winners! Big thanks to MakerGeeks for sponsoring the contest!

Aria the Dragon by Herve Pariente

Aria the Dragon by Luis Driggers is excellent for showing off your printer and can be done entirely without supports. The incredible paint job was done by a group of specialist painters named Le Grimoire from Montreal. 

Wonkey Chest of Drawers by Gary Fischer

This chest of drawers is somewhat impressively functional. Gary Fishcer’s print looks incredible and the colors he chose really pop. 

Lighthouse on a rock by Maximus

We were impressed by Maximus’ painting and photography for this Lighthouse on a rock design. We enjoyed the irony of photographing the lighthouse on a rock…on a rock. 

Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster by TheZork

We’ve seen a few excellent renditions of Han Solo’s Blaster and this is one of our favourites. TheZork did a great job with painting and weathering the printed design. 

SR71 Blackbird by Bram Tan

This print is deceptively large (check the design for images of a human for scale) and is wired up with some impressive electronics. It was made from 11 separate components printed in vase mode and later bonded together. 

Rainy Cloud Planter by jane_carter

This Cloud Planter makes for a bit of an illusion as a piece of clear acrylic in the center suspends the cloud above the planter. 3D Printing is especially useful for these sorts of designs as parts can be printed with sparse and light infill. 

Thanks to all that entered! For those looking for another contest, check out the recently launched Envision the Future Design Challenge!


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