Mitus Print Contest Winners Announced!

Mitus Print Contest Winners Announced!

We’re always impressed by the quality of the prints our community posts! This contest was no exception and this time you showed us your best prints for a chance to win 1 of 30 rolls of filament from Mitus.

Thanks to everyone who uploaded their prints and keep ’em coming as I hear we’ve a really exciting new contest in the works that may involve sparkly filament. Yes, you read correctly.  

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Top Entries for the Mitus Print Contest

Burj Khalifa printed by a_kuhta

This was a challenging print with several thin features and a_kuhta did an excellent job photographing it. The first silhouette image is hardly distinguishable from the real thing!

Planet Express Ship printed by ianbroady

We’re all silently hoping for the resurgence of Futurama but in the mean time, some neat mementos will have to do. We quite liked this multi-colored Planet Express Ship by ianbroady.

Marvin Planter printed by Rémi Darcillon

I’ve been featuring most all new planters on the site in our weekly featured designs so it makes sense that they’d find themselves among contest winners as well. Rémi made some pretty wonderful succulent selections and he finds himself with a free roll of Mitus PLA. 

Motorycycle Throttle Lock printed by dmai

Functional prints are some of our favourites on the site. I’m admittedly not entirely sure how this works, but the pictures look awfully nice and dmai has won a roll of PLA for is great work. 

Low-Medium Poly Alduin printed by Andrew Randall

This dragon from Skyrim is a very challenging print but Andrew Randall did a great job getting it to work. He made some modifications to the wings to make them easier to print and his work won’t go unnoticed! 

Elephant printed by Fixx

This is one of my favourite designs on the site and the Pinshape community seems to agree. We wanted to finish this post off with a hot pink print and the wood coloured pallet is a nice touch. 

A big thank-you to our sponsor, Mitus for providing the filament for winners to play with! We can’t wait to see what our winners print with their new filament. Be sure to upload your prints on Pinshape to show them off. 

 If you didn’t win this time – don’t worry.  There’s plenty more in the works so stay tuned!


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