Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – August 26th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – August 26th

This week’s featured designs is chock full of stylish and functional prints. We have a pretty exciting print contest in the works to look forward to for September 1st so get your printers going!

Binary Roots by Virtox

Virtox has designed some of Pinshape’s favourite vases with his Julia Vase Series and this planter is no exception. It was algorithmically designed using a binary search tree and serves as an excellent base for small plants. 

Coat Hanger by dddprint

This coat hanger is simple, functional, and easy to print. Use it to transform your shelves into coat hangers though I’ll more likely use it as a place to hang my keys (getting locked out of my apartment is getting old).

Organic Flower Pot by 3d-graph

3d-graph created this beautiful flower pot and it makes an excellent print and decoration. He’s even created a dual extrusion version so the voronoi effect on the outside can be highlighted. 

3D Lego Zoo by peer_meller

This lego zoo comes with a variety of different parts so that you can make as many animals or hybrids as you’d like. A great toy for children or adults… we’re not judging. 

Lace-up Shoe Locker by AliasX

This awesome Lace-locker is an entry into our Within Reach Design Contest. You’ll never need to tie your shoes again which is especially useful for those with limited use of their hands. 

Banana Door Stopper by Ninjapsycho

Ninjapsycho made one of man’s greatest enemies into a rather useful door stopper. This banana will make up for the grievances of its brothers by forever holding open doors.Thought it looks like it was printed on a full color 3D printer, is in fact just painted very well.  

There’s a little under two weeks to go for the Within Reach Design Contest! Break out your design prowess for the chance to win an Ultimaker 2+  and be featured here. 



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