Announcing the Winners of the 2015 Pinshape Awards

Announcing the Winners of the 2015 Pinshape Awards

We are so excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our community and reward those who stood out as truly exceptional this year. Thank-you to everyone who took the time to vote in the 2015 Pinshape Awards and congratulations to all our nominees

All winners will receive a personalized Pinshape trophy .stl file with their name, or the name of their design on it and a badge they can show off on their websites or social media!

A very special thank-you to Dutchmogul who created the design files for the trophy, specially for our winners! 


2015 Pinshape Awards trophy


Without further ado, here are your winners for the 2015 Pinshape Awards! 

Top Simple Design

#3DBenchy – The jolly 3D printing torture-test by CreativeTools

This little design made some waves this year! As a simple model with some interesting geometry, #3DBenchy is a great test for your 3D printer calibration and is one of the most printed things on Pinshape.

2015 Pinshape Awards simple design winner


Top Complex Design 

hippies van by Mao

It’s hard not to love the attention to detail Mao clearly holds so dear in his numerous creations. From ships and planes, to cars and droids, Mao is a master designer and his hippies van is well deserving of this win.

2015 Pinshape Awards complex design winner


Top Useful Design 

Pegstr – Pegboard Wizard by mgx

Clearly the Pegstr by mgx has touched on a real pain point. Most people are familiar with trying to keep an organized workshop or garage, and this ingenious set of pegboard hangers makes that a breeze!

2015 Pinshape Awards useful design



Top Toy Design

OpenR/C Formula 1 car by Daniel Noree

The latest incarnation of the OpenR/C project was this expertly designed F1 car. With a dedicated community of it’s own, it’s no doubt this design stole the show in the toy category and is a great example of the applications of 3d printing.

2015 Pinshape Awards toy design


People’s Choice Design

2015 Seej Starter Set by zheng3 

A combination of childhood nostalgia, desktop fun, and harmless destruction, the Seej Start Set found the sweet spot for the Pinshape community as just one example of the whimsical and fantastic creations of Zheng3. 

2015 Pinshape Awards people's choice


Top Design Photo 


This design was an instant hit, and really blew up when it was released. The mix of badass armour, great lighting, and a symmetrical-double-dose of J Wall’s cat, Bobo make this presentation hard to beat.

2015 Pinshape Awards design photo


Top CAD Software


As 3D printing continues to grow, the free tools are still bound to have the biggest initial interest, and Blender is one of the best for features, ease of use, and the overall community support. 

2015 Pinshape Awards 3d design software


Top 3D News Site 

When you want to know what’s going on in the world of 3D printing, has you covered. From industry-changing developments to feel good stories about the everyday use of the tech, you’ll find it on 

2015 Pinshape Awards 3d news site


Best Slicer Program


Simplify3D blew away the competition in our polls. It’s easy to see why this is a crowd pleaser, with it’s easy to use interface, tons of advanced options, and most importantly, great print results! 

2015 Pinshape Awards 3d slicer 

Top Maker


When it comes to getting great prints and sharing them with the community, Frew is second to none right now. Beautiful photography and even moving .gifs really bring the things he prints to life for the rest of us.

2015 Pinshape Awards 3d maker 

Top Designer 

Daniel Noree

As part of the Creative Tools team and the designer of the OpenR/C F1, it’s easy to see Daniel’s influence all over Pinshape, and the 3D printing community as a whole. Congrats on the big year Daniel!

2015 Pinshape Awards 3d designer


But that’s not all…. 

Top Community Member

Tanya Wiesner 

In addition to the makers and designers who contribute to Pinshape, we also want to recognize the amazing community work that our members do. One person in our community stood out to us in particular this year — Tanya Wiesner. Tanya consistently posts her high quality designs and prints on Pinshape and never hesitates to help other members with any design or print issues they may have. She’s a usual on our forums, providing insight and helping out new users as a forum mod. As one of our early users, she’s seen Pinshape grow and helped shape many aspects of what Pinshape is today. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to helping us build the Pinshape community Tanya! 

2015 Pinshape Awards community member

 Winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card! 

Congrats to Thomas Palm for being selected to win the Amazon gift card for voting!


Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 Pinshape Awards! Keep up the great work!

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Keep uploading Prints and Designs!  

Didn’t win this year? Be sure to upload your prints and designs and you could be nominated for the 2016 Pinshape Awards. Happy Printing!


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