Top 10 Most Popular 3D Printing Articles of 2015 on Pinshape!

Top 10 Most Popular 3D Printing Articles of 2015 on Pinshape!

One of our main priorities at Pinshape is to provide useful and educational content for our community. Before we move on to more 3D guides and articles in 2016, here’s a recap of our most popular 3d printing articles for 2015 based on page visits, just-in-case you missed them! 


10 Most Popular 3D Printing Articles of 2015! 


1)  Post processing PLA and ABS Prints!

With this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to avoid removing supports and fly-away material to make your prints look the best they can. 

Popular 3D Printing Articles post process


2) How to Generate a 3D Printable Mold for an Object

Learn from an expert 3D designer how to create a 3D printable mold to create 3D objects! 

Popular 3D Printing Articles bunny mold


3) 3D design Software for Beginners

Author and 3D designer Lydia Cline goes over key differences between popular design software and which ones are best for different types of design. 

 Popular 3D Printing Articles 3d software 

4) 10 Things You Need to Know About 3D Printing and Food Safety

We break down the concerns of 3D printing items that touch food and what you can do to prevent these issues.   

Popular 3D Printing Articles food safety


5) 3D Slicer Settings for Beginners – 8 Things You Need to Know

We break down what each basic setting means and how changing the setting with affect your print.  

Popular 3D Printing Articles slicer settings


6) 3D filament Guide: Popular 3D Printing Filaments

3D Supply Guys tell us the differences in each of the most common 3D printing filaments and which filaments are best for printing which types of objects.  

Popular 3D Printing Articles popular filament


7) 10 steps to STL file Modification: A Beginners Guide

Find out how to edit your .STL file to add some extra details with this step-by-step guide by Edditive.  

Popular 3D Printing Articles stl modification


8) Top 10 Best Star Wars 3D Designs on Pinshape

We show off the most amazing Star Wars 3D designs on Pinshape – if you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss this one! 

Popular 3D Printing Articles star wars designs


9) The 11 Best 3D scanners on the market

From XBox Kinect to Einscan-S, find out more about the different 3D scanners on the market and which one would be best for you. 

Popular 3D Printing Articles 3d scanners


10) 3D printing Trends: What Sells?

We’ve put together the numbers to tell you what designs sell the most and how you can market your design to sell more! 

Popular 3D Printing Articles trend report


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