Pinshape Featured Designs – April 13th

Pinshape Featured Designs – April 13th

The winners of the Game Design Contest were just announced, and you can check them out here! In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find a number of functional assemblies and a new electronics project from Adafruit! 

Bird Temple by jobsmolders

We’re excited to see jobsmolders branching out towards functional assemblies. Each of the components in this design are optimized for ease of 3D printing and fit together like puzzle pieces. 

Rhino by colin_200

Many of you may be familiar with the original elephant design by le FabShop, and Colin has remixed it with a Rhino’s head. The legs and head on this design fully articulate after printing!

LED Trampoline – NeoPixels and CircuitPython by Adafruit 

Adafruit keeps upping their game with each new electronics project, and this light-up trampoline is no exception. Adafruit added a vibration sensor and lights to this trampoline, so that it illuminates with each jump! Learn how to make your own in their tutorial. 

Human Scale Working LEGO Megaphone by agepbiz 

Agepbiz has recreated the iconic LEGO Megaphone design and optimized it for 3D printing. Check out their video to learn how you can make your own. 
Ultralight Wall Stand by Saran

High quality photography is among the most important factors for a popular design, and this Wall Stand by Saran makes it easy to take great shots on a budget! Print out the parts, overlay a sheet of paper, and take great photos on a white background. 

Pencil Holder V1.2 – 03 by kirline 

Vases are a community favorite, and kirline did a great job with this Pencil Holder design. This makes for a quick and easy print that can be scaled to your needs. 


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