Announcing Winners of the Game Design Contest ?

Announcing Winners of the Game Design Contest ?

The Game Design Contest was among our most competitive yet, and our judges from Robo3D, BQ, and Formlabs had a tough time narrowing this down to just three winners. Even if you didn’t enter, read through for a number of incredible designs that highlight impressive finishing techniques and incorporate electronic components. 


Honourable Mentions

Overwatch Tracer Pulse gun NERF mod by IVÁN RUIZ PEÓN

Ivan’s Tracer Pulse Gun is designed as an add-on for the Nerf Firestrike Elite. Ivan has split this into 41 different components, both to ensure a tight fit and allow for ease of assembly. 

Working Chest of Sorrow Water Feature by Mirthin

Mirthin’s Chest of Sorrow from Sea of Thieves looks great on the outside and packs impressive electronics. This features a functional water pump that will continue to dispense water until music is played for the chest. 

Skeevatron by richard_clarke

The Elder Scrolls series was a favorite theme in this contest, and Richard did a great job with this Skeevatron design. It features functional motors, LEDs, and a Bluetooth controller so that you can drive it around. 

Kratos by David_Ruiz

Our judges were impressed with both the intricate design work and detailed painting on this Kratos model by David Ruiz. Check out the design page to see David’s painting steps so that you can make your own!


3rd Place

Gravity Gun – Half Life 2 – Working Floating Table by leboschmit

This Gravity Gun by Leboschmit includes fully functional lighting and incorporates a floating table that hovers in mid-air. Full instructions and a bill of materials are included so you can make your own. Congratulations on your win of a $50 Adafruit Gift Card!


2nd Place

Legend of Zelda : Zora Link’s Guitar by Inhuman_Species

The Pinshape Team is working on Inhuman Species’ full scale Velociraptor Skeleton, and we’ll have to start this next! They did an incredible job with the design and presentation of Link’s Guitar, and have won a Witbox Go! 3D Printer from BQ. 


1st Place

Fortnite Battle Bus by rpauza

Fortnite has exploded and popularity and was one most popular themes in this contest. Rpauza did a great job with optimizing this design for 3D printing, the assembly, and finishing. Congratulations on your win of a Robo3D R2 3D printer, and $100 Adafruit Gift Card!


Thanks to all of those who entered this contest, and stay tuned for more in the future! Looking to make your own props but don’t know where to start? Check out this tutorial on re-creating the Guardian Sword from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 


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