Pinshape Featured Designs – April 14th

Pinshape Featured Designs – April 14th

This week, we launched the Solutech 3D Print Contest where you can enter to win a roll of PLA or ABS filament! We’re featuring a number of functional designs that would make for great entries or serve as inspiration for the Envision The Future Design Challenge. 

Tortoise Keychain / Smartphone Stand by Sonia Verdu

Sonia Verdu’s newest design can serve as both a phone stand or keychain and prints easily directly on platform. A great addition to many of her other related models! 

Lego Tape by Adafruit

This Lego Tape by Adafruit was printed in Ninjaflex and adheres to a number of surfaces without the need for any adhesives. Check out their full tutorial here!

Sir Pigglesby (A most noble piggy bank) by Louise Driggers

Louise Driggers’ newest design is the most stylish piggy bank you’ll ever make. She used a variety of different materials and paints to achieve the full effect and has posted an assembly tutorial on instructables. 

Hoverworld by gokcen_yuksek

Gokcen was the winner of our Character Design Contest and has just released her newest model using similar characteristics from Clementine. This is great for showing off your printer and is designed to easily print in multiple parts and assemble together.  

Pocket Braille Finder by daveyclk

This Braille reference by daveyclk is a top contender in our Envision the Future Design Challenge and went from concept to prototype in just 2 days! Rotating the device will transcode each letter of the alphabet into Braille. 

PIX-E Gif Camera by nbrewer

This Camera makes for a great weekend project that will print easily on most machines. It’s designed to be highly customizeable and can export both GIFs and images. Check out the full build instructions here!

That’s all for this week! Print any of these designs for the Solutech Print Contest to win free filament!


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