Pinshape Featured Designs – April 7th

Pinshape Featured Designs – April 7th

Create a tool for the visually impaired to enter to win a Lulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer in the newly launched Envision the Future Design Challenge! This week, we have a number of aesthetic and challenging models to feature that would make great entries into the upcoming print contest. 

Star Wars Death Trooper by Braddock

Braddock was a top contender in our recent Character Design Competition and just uploaded this new Death Trooper model! We really enjoyed printing it in Formlabs’ new Matte Grey Resin. You can grab a free sample from Formlabs if you’re interested in seeing the detail in person. 

Logan’s Run Hand Jewel LED by Adafruit

Adafruit is our Designer of the Month for April and wrote a guest post on Creating Parametric Enclosures. This design is a great weekend project that makes use of the Adafruit Gemma and Jewel boards. 

Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder by philnelson

We hope you have your retraction settings dialed in for this pencil holder. With adequate layer cooling, this can be printed without supports. If you are printing in SLA, you can print it flat on the build platform. 

Avengers Scene – The Incredible Hulk by Sanix3

Sanix3 split this model into multiple parts for ease of printing and hollowed it to save on material usage. A great design for showing off the quality of your 3D printer!

Benjamin’s Lunar Rover With Trailers by Chris Knowlton

Chris recently uploaded a number of space themed designs. This one includes both the trailers and rocket itself. Scale as large as you’d like and use our guide on Printing Large Objects to assemble together afterwards. 

Overwatch Tokens by Nick Rimmer

These tokens make for great coasters and you can print them in multiple colors on single extrusion printers by swapping the filament mid way through. Here’s to hoping Nick uploads designs for more heroes! 

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for an upcoming print contest and check out Pinshape for more great designs. 


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