Pinshape Featured Designs – April 28th

Pinshape Featured Designs – April 28th

This week we’re featuring a number of functional assemblies and designs that will help to show off your printing prowess. There’s just over 10 days left in the Envision the Future Design Challenge where you can enter to win a Lulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer!

Boneheads S1: Wolf Skull w/ Jaw by 3DKitbash

This design by 3DKitbash prints easily in two parts to be assembled together afterwards. We were blown away by Jake Misra’s print used for the header image in which he printed the skull on the Formlabs Form 2 and detailed using dry brushing. 

Case for Adafruit Joy Bonnet – Raspberry Pi Zero W by Adafruit

The Adafruit Joy Bonnet is an add-on for the Raspberry Pi W  that adds a joystick and 8 buttons. This case pulls the project together and turns the Pi W into a capable retro controller. Check out the full project tutorial. 

Bag Holder by 3DIN

Grocery bags are designed both to hold your purchases and cut circulation from your hands. This bag holder helps to eliminate the latter issue by providing a simple and functional grip. 

Geared Spinner by Desktop Makes

Although fidget spinners seem to account for half of all new uploads, we’re restricting ourselves to only featuring one a week. This spinner by Desktop Makes combines both gearing and the typical bearing mechanisms. 

Smart Planter by filamentsdirectory teamed up with FLOWALISTIK to create this aesthetic Smart Planter. An IOT module measures the humidity of your plant’s soil and syncs to the cloud to keep you always up-to-date. 

Medieval Castle by Herve Pariente 

This Medieval Castle is designed to print all in one go but also includes a split version allowing you to print larger than your printer’s build volume. Make sure to check out Herve’s full design!

That’s all for this week! Print any of these designs for the Solutech Print Contest to win free filament!


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