Pinshape Featured Designs – December 29th

Pinshape Featured Designs – December 29th

New Years Day is among the biggest party days of the year and in this post, you’ll find a number of designs that will help you to spice up the holiday. Many of these designs make use of precise tolerances, and this White Paper will help you to optimize your models and prints for engineering fit. 

Wall Bottle Opener by 3DBrooklyn

Surveys show that ‘Where’s the bottle opener?” is the most frequently asked question at New Years parties and 3DBrooklyn seeks to right this wrong. Use this design to mount your bottle opener to the wall and save your guests the search. 

2018 Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog Keychain / Magnet by mingshiuan

Migshiuan has designed this to allow multi-color printing with just a single extruder. Learn how  you can utilize filament swaps and multiple components to create multi-colored models like this.  

Spin the Shot by seafoxc

Spin the shot is a slightly more adult version of spin the bottle whereas a shot rests on the platform and an arrow rotates around it until stopping on a player. This is a great game to add to your New Years festivities. 

Raspberry Pi Airplay BoomBox by Adafruit

Music is a required component of your gathering and flex your maker muscles with this Raspberry Pi Airplay BoomBox by Adafruit. Mix and match the colors on each of the components to make this your own. 

Gift Box by Desktop Makes

The bulk of the holidays may have passed, but if we’re being honest, it’s unlikely that you’ll take the decorations down for at least another few weeks. Spice things up some more with these miniature gift boxes by Desktop Makes.

Thor’s Hammer Raspberry Pi 3 Case by Furnibird

This Thor’s Hammer design may be paid, but it’s an especially unique case design for your Raspberry Pi. Use this as a simple case or as part of a functional assembly. 


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