Discover Winning Entries and Designs from the eSUN Print Contest

Discover Winning Entries and Designs from the eSUN Print Contest

The eSUN Print Contest was one of our most exciting yet where each week, 5 winners had the chance to take their pick of a selection of premium eSUN materials. There were many incredible entries, and in this post you’ll find our favorites along with the design files so that you can print them yourself. 

Forbidden Watchtower printed by Neuromancer1138

Neuromancer did an incredible job finishing the Forbidden Watchtower design by Kijai. This was printed in ABS and vapor smoothed, then hand painted and wire brushed to achieve the final effect.

Fortress of the Crescent printed by kijai

Kijai is well known for designing incredibly intricate structures with few to no supports and did an incredible job recreating their own Fortress of the Crescent design. 

Martian Rover printed by 3dFactory Brasil 

If you’re seeking a challenging assembly, look no further than this Martian Rover by 3DFactory Brasil. This is a paid design but well worth it given the intricacy of the model. 

Birdhouse – 3 Pieces printed by Алексей Кудряшов

Sonia Verdu’s Birdhouse is split into 3 pieces for ease of printing and Алексей did a great job with both the print and final finishing. For those looking to print this in one go, check out Sonia’s single-piece birdhouse design. 

Overwatch Mercy Caduceus Staff printed by Jonathan Bowen 

Jonathen’s print of the Overwatch Mercy Caduceus Staff left us wanting to see more. This design was finished in 40 hours using PLA filament from eSUN. 

Superman Low-poly printed by e1saquickchanger

If you don’t have a multi-extrusion printer, fear not, Christos has created his Superman design to print in multiple pieces and be assembled afterwards, allowing you to use whichever colors you’d like. 

Thanks to all of those that entered into this contest and thanks to our sponsor especially, eSUN. I personally use their PLA Pro blend for all of my projects and am looking forwards to seeing what the winners create with their prizes. We have an exciting design contest that will be launching in the coming weeks so stay tuned!


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