Pinshape Featured Designs – January 5th

Pinshape Featured Designs – January 5th

We’re starting 2018 with a bang with a number of impressive aesthetic designs and assemblies for you this week. The eSUN Print Contest just closed, and you can check out some of the top entries here! We have a new design contest coming up soon so stay tuned. 

New York City Skyline by TK3D Printing

This Skyline design by TK3D makes for a great decoration to spice up your living or work space, and we’d love to see more locations. Use filament swaps to print this in multiple colors on a single-extruder machine. 

Ferrari 250 GTO by Mao

The ‘You wouldn’t download a car joke’ may be overused by this point, but we were blown away by this Ferrari 250 GTO design by Mao. For a fraction of the price of the real thing, you can get this replica that’s optimized for 3D printing. 

Supreme Leader Snoke by jerrycon

Jerrycon did an incredible job with this sculpt of Supreme Leader Snoke from the Last Jedi. This would be a great design to test out on the Formlabs Form 2. 

Basketball Holder Hand by Isotalo

While Isotalo designed this with Basketball in mind, it would be a great design for a number of other sports or could serve as a capable key holder. 
Low-Poly Voronoi Hybrid Bulbasaur by Tk3D Printing 

If FLOWALISTIK’s low-poly pokemon aren’t proving challenging enough, try out these voronoi hybrids by TK3D Printing!

Video Game Automata by Nishu

This automata design by Nishu makes for a simple print and assembly, and both rotates and lifts while you turn the crank. 


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