Pinshape Featured Designs – December 8th

Pinshape Featured Designs – December 8th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find functional models and top props from movies and.. physicists. Any of these designs would make for great entries into the eSUN Print Contest where each week 5 winners can take their pick of several premium material options. 

Destiny 2 Merciless by odd works

Odd works has a number of incredible re-creations of props from the game Destiny, and this is their newest upload. This is a great design for anyone look for a challenge and includes a number of moving and spring loaded components. 

Micro USB Dock by Adafruit

Anyone who has worked with small development boards is familiar with the fact that the location of your board is at the mercy of the twistyness of your USB cable. Adafruit solves this issue with these simple and elegant Micro USB Docks. 

Schrodinky! British Shorthair Cat Sitting in a Box by Louise Driggers

Louise Driggers set out to correct the travesty of the world being without a model of a cat in the box. She’s created two easy-to-print versions of this design one of which is optimized for dual extrusion. 

Wave Carved Lamp by jobsmolders

Jobsmolders has been doing a great job with the color schemes on each of their new vase designs. These are great for testing out your slicer’s vase mode and also help to test the layer adhesion and flexibility of your material. 

3D Flight Vesper – 3D Printed RC Flying Wing by 3D Flight

RC cars are great for stress testing 3D printer materials, but this Flying Wing takes it to the next level. Make sure you use an especially strong material for this like a Carbon Fiber Reinforced PETG. 

3D Printed Articulating LED Lamp by igorF2

Articulating designs are a community favorite and this LED Lamp would make for a great addition to your desk or workstation. Mix up the colors on the different components to make it your own. 


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