Announcing the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest Winners!

Announcing the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest Winners!

Educating the next generation of makers is among the most important challenges in the 3D printing community, and the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest included an impressive number of high-quality entries. There can be just 3 winners so follow along until the end to find out who won! Special thanks to our partners, MatterHackers & Ultimaker, for sponsoring this challenge. 

Honorable Mentions

Neutral Spine Teaching Aid by jakejake

Most educational environments aren’t conducive to good posture, and jakejake brings awareness to this issue with the Neutral Spine Teaching Aid. The judges were blown away by jakejake’s presentation and you should absolutely check out his lesson plan.

Crumple Zone Crash Test Car by rmorrill

Rmorrill’s Crumpe Zone Crash Test is a great spin on the common egg drop experiment. This makes for an especially engaging lesson and can be used as a simple primer in 3D design. 

Building a DNA Chain by Mario Melero

Several DNA Chain designs are available but Mario made a number of improvements in design and versatility with this entry. Use Mario’s design to create accurate representations of DNA strands. 

3rd Place

Biomimicry – Natural Rocket Science by Theo Evans 

The third place winner is Theo Evans with their biomimicry inspired rocket cones. This lesson plan asks students to seek drag reducing designs in nature and convert them into functional rocket cones. Theo printed these example cones on the Formlabs Form 2 and has all of the design files available in Onshape. Congratulations on your win of a $50 MatterHackers Gift Card!

Second Place

Educational Automotive Alternator by Chris Halliday 

Chris Halliday impressed us earlier last year with the Educational Brake Caliper design and he’s back with this scale model of an automotive alternator. The lesson plan is an impressive 30 pages long and will teach students how alternators work as well as guide them through the steps for making their own. Congratulations on your win of a $100 MatterHackers Gift Card and 3D Printing Pen!

1st Place

Modeling Topography and Erosion with 3D Printing by Robert Hemlich

The first place winner is Robert Hemlich with his incredibly clever Topography and Erosion design. This makes use of several layers of colored filament as well as a filler of PVA that slowly ‘erodes’ revealing the layers beneath. Congratulations on your win of an Ultimaker 3, MatterControl T7X, and MatterHackers Pro PLA!

Thanks to all those who entered and congratulations to each of the winners. We have a new design contest coming up so stay tuned! If design isn’t your style, check out the eSUN Print Contest where each week, 5 winners can take their pick of several premium material options. 


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