Pinshape Featured Designs – December 15th

Pinshape Featured Designs – December 15th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find holiday decorations and a number of impressive mechanical assemblies. Each of these designs would make for great entries into the eSUN Print Contest where each week 5 winners can take their pick of several premium material options. 

Birdhouse 16eme by FLOWALISTIK

FLOWALISTIK is back with this simple and elegant birdhouse design inspired by the people and architecture of Paris. We love the finish on this print using Cura’s Experimental Fuzzy Skin feature and PolyLite PLA.

Servo Flower by jobsmolders

Each week, we’ve been impressed with jobsmolders vase designs, and this servo flower takes things to the next level. A servo in the center allows the flower to blossom and expand which makes for an incredible effect coupled with the LEDs. 

Adabot Google AIY Voice Kit by Adafruit 

The AIY Voice Kit is a programmable language recognizer that’s great for those getting started with Natural Language Processing. Adafruit has upgraded the default cardboard box into a more functional robotic container and you can find the full tutorial here!

Christmas Tree Bauble (with secret compartment) by Louise Driggers

This newest design by Louise Driggers makes for a great decoration and allows you to mix materials to make it your own. It’s designed hollow both to minimize material usage and to create a secret compartment for gifts. 

Filamentum Christmas Tree by Irblinx

Irblinx did an incredible job with the print of this Christmas Tree and has included a hollowed version that accommodates LEDs. We’re hoping to see this scaled full-size on SeeMeCNC’s Part Daddy. 

Low-Poly Aston Martin Vulcan by DominimaDesign

The low-poly car series continues with this Aston Martin Vulcan by DominimaDesign! This is one of our favourite models yet and is designed to be printable without support structures. 


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