Pinshape Featured Designs – February 24th

Pinshape Featured Designs – February 24th

Just over 5 days left in the Character Modeling Contest where you can win a Form 2 as the top prize! We’ve got a few great entries from that contest to feature for you this week as well as some exciting functional designs.  

OpenRC F1 by Daniel Noree

Daniel Noree’s OpenRC F1 Car is one of Pinshape’s most popular models so we had to make one for ourselves. Learn to make your own and avoid the mistakes that we made along the way!

Wenda, Novice Adventurer by Dutchmogul 

Dutchmogul is well known for his over 500 designs that can be used in his table top board game. We enjoyed printing this design contest entry in Formlabs’ new Matte Grey Resin

Cirtus Fruit Slice Coaster by barb_3dprintny

You can print these simple, multi-colored coaster using a single extruder. Pause your printer and swap out the filament for a different color mid way through the print. 

NOOT by chris_nix

Chris Nix is a character designer and did a great job with this contest entry. He’s included a .form file alongside the STL for those that just want to download and click print! 

Twirl Mini Moustache by Works by Solo

This mustache prints in one piece and is textured to produce a more realistic effect. Combine it with googly eyes to achieve the ultimate decor. 

No Magnet Shoe Latch Fasteners 

These are fully printable and easy to install onto your shoes. Simply click them together to tighten your laces and you’re good to go! 

Death Star Cookie Cutter by ML Buckle

Dominate any baking contest with this Death Star Cookie Cutter. Make sure to read our article on Food Safety in 3D Printing before use!

That’s all for this week! Check out our Character Modelling Contest with the Form 2 as top prize.