Pinshape Featured Designs – February 2nd

Pinshape Featured Designs – February 2nd

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find easy-to-print functional models and projects that are sure to impress guests. Add a bit of flair to your prints by learning to paint like a pro in this tutorial post. 

Tesla Cable Holder by Adafruit

Supercharge your phone with this Tesla Styled Cable Holder by Adafruit. This is designed to clip onto a variety of different surfaces and won’t require drilling out any holes. Learn how Adafruit designed this here!

R2D2 Low-Poly Dice Tower by starkdesign

Stark design remixed an original design by FLOWALISTIK to create this functional, low-poly dice tower. Add a bit of flair to your board games with this simple and functional print. 

The Entangler by Gokcen Yuksek

Gokcen was the winner of our Character Design Contest, and has worked as a professional designer on shows like Black Mirror. We’ve been blown away by each of her designs, and this newest Entangler model is no exception!

Imperial Stormtrooper by Getxoblues

Getxoblues is well-known for creating easy-to-print figurines with multiple points of articulation. His newest Imperial Stormtrooper model follows this trend, and can be easily detailed with a sharpie or a bit of paint. 
Inky Pac-Man Ghost Raspberry Pi 3 Case by solidcinu

Fuse retro gaming and modern computing with this Pac-Man themed Raspberry Pi 3 Case by solidcinu. This prints in multiple components so you can color it however you’d like. 

Shadow Lamp Table Version by Formenmacher

This table lamp looks like a complex part, but each of the components print flat and easily assemble together. Throw in an E27 type bulb to light up your room!


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