Pinshape Featured Designs – January 26th

Pinshape Featured Designs – January 26th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find functional assemblies and multi-part electronics projects that are great for testing your prowess as a maker. Learn how you can create small, low-cost injection molds using 3D printing in this week’s featured post. 

Connect 4 Visually Impaired Edition by fntsmn

Simone Fontana created this clever Connect 4 board with chips that use a tactile triangle and square mechanism, making this fully functional for those with visual impairments. 

SMARS Zero by Kevin_T

The original SMARS is a modular robot that functions as a great introduction to electronics, and this version simplifies the internals with a Raspberry Pi board. Kevin has included instructions to make your own on the design page. 

Low-Poly Little Pig by BQ 3D

The 3D Printing community started with low-poly pokemon and moved onto dogs and cats, so now it’s only logical that we extend into the more obscure with BQ’s low-poly pig design. Stay tuned for an upcoming contest with BQ!

Bicycle Model by Eugenio Pompella

As we all know, printing cars is strictly prohibited but fear not, Eugenio has designed this incredible bicycle that’s printable and includes a functioning crank shaft and wheels. 
Plane of Chains by Eunny

This design is printable-in-place and uses a mechanism similar to this chainmail dress designed by Nervous Systems and printed on the Formlabs Fuse 1. 

Joy Robot by igorF2

This robot takes ‘remote control’ to the next level. It uses an embedded wifi chip that allows it to be controlled via a web interface over very long distances. Igor has included instructions on the design page so that you can make your own. 


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