Pinshape Featured Designs – January 19th

Pinshape Featured Designs – January 19th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find multi-part assemblies and functional models that are great for spicing up your office or home. Learn which 3D printing technology would suit you best in this post on FDM and SLA technology. 

Print-in-Place Mechanical Iris Dome Box by Frank26080115

This dome uses clever mechanics to open and close the four iris lenses while the exterior cover is rotated. Frank has taken it a step further and designed this to be fully print-in-place so that you can just download and print. 

PiGRRL Zero Raspberry Pi Gameboy by Adafruit

This PiGRRL Zero Raspberry Pi Gameboy is one of our all time favorite projects from Adafruit. This makes use of cost-effective electronics for a functional gameboy emulator, and you can learn how to make your own here. 

Eggstravagant by pongostore

Eggs are notoriously difficult to present on a plate due to their roundness and general unwillingness to sit still. Pongostore rights this wrong with an elegant holder for your eggs titled.. eggstravagant. 

Flower Pot for Succulents by alexandr_sk8

Here at Pinshape, we’re approaching our 1st year since the succulent takeover and the number of plants is continuing to grow. These succulent sized Flower Pots will make for a great addition to our collection!
Better Devils Legendary Hand Cannon by Sergey Kolesnik

This is a paid design, but well worth it as Sergey did a great job with this rendition of the Better Devils Legendary Hand Cannon. We’d love to see this designed printed and painted using these techniques!

Holder for Remote Controller by alexandr_sk8

Alexandr may have had a remote control holder in mind for this design, but it would make for a great vase as well. Print this using a nylon filament, or coat in an epoxy to make sure it’s water-tight. 


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