Pinshape Featured Designs – January 12th

Pinshape Featured Designs – January 12th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find a number of electronics assemblies and functional models that would make for great projects this weekend. Learn how to add a bit of color to your designs by reading the Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing in Color which was just updated this week. 

Animated LED Sand Physics Toy by Adafruit 

This LED Sand Physics Toy simulates the behavior of grains of sand on a small LED display. Check out gifs and videos of this in action, and learn how to make your own in Adafruit’s tutorial. 

Low-Poly Mazda Miata by DominimaDesign

DominimaDesign is back with their newest creation, a low-poly Mazda Miata! Each of the parts can be printed without support structures, and the wheels are designed to fully rotate. 

Beagle – Low Poly by O3D

O3D is combining two of the 3D printing community’s favorite things, low-poly and multi-color designs, to create this beagle model. Learn how to create your own multi-colored prints in this tutorial. 

Full Size Velociraptor Skeleton by Inhuman_Species

T-rex skull designs have been a long-time community favorite and we’re excited to see a bit of diversity with this Velociraptor Skeleton. This has been split so that you can print it at full-size, and includes keys so that  you can easily attach the components together. 
Universal Tablet and Smartphone Wave Stand by heapstar

3D printed phone stands can be a bit of a challenge given the number of different shapes and sizes. Heapstar seeks to solve this issue with a universal stand that’s both simple and works across a number of different devices. 

Creative Tea Sets by mingshiuan

Get your tea volume right every time with this modular design by mingshiuan. Learn how food-safety works in 3D printing and combine this with a heat resistant material like high-temperature resin for a functional print. 


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