Pinshape Featured Designs – July 21st

Pinshape Featured Designs – July 21st

This week, we’re excited to announce the new Avatar Design Contest where you can win a Formlabs Form 2, Zbrush Core License, Oculus Rift, and Mold3D Design Classes as the top prize! Look through this week’s featured designs to find inspiration for your upcoming contest entry. 

Fin Gripper (Robotic / Prosthetic Hybrid) – Mark VI by Black_Ram_Industries 

Black Ram Industries won the Mechanical Design Contest with this versatile Fin Gripper design! Make sure to check out the other winners and top entries here!  

Crash Bandicoot Planters by FLOWALISTIK

We’re looking forward to making our own version of these dual-extrusion planters by FLOWALISTIK. Make sure to check out his profile for other great designs including several more game inspired planters. 

Pencil Guardian by fantasygraph

We’ve seen a number of great pen protectors and holders on Pinshape and this newest design by fantasygraph is one of our favorites! Use it to show off both your printing prowess and exquisite taste in writing utensils. 

Dancing Springs by Desktop Makes

Desktop Makes did a great job with this image and you should check out his video to see the design in action and learn how to model it on your own in Fusion360! 

Voronoi Pokemon – First Generation by FLOWALISTIK

FLOWALISTIK’s low-poly pokemon series is a favourite for getting your printer calibrated and this voronoi version takes it to the next level. Our post on 10 Advanced Slicer Settings should help you to create your own!

Fortune Bearing Lightsaber Key Chain by Baschz

The threads on this design help you to dial in your printer settings and it doubles as a fully functional keychain! A great design to start your preparations for the upcoming Star Wars movie. 


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