Announcing the Winners of the Mechanical Design Challenge

Announcing the Winners of the Mechanical Design Challenge

Today we’re excited to announce the winners of the Mechanical Design Challenge! We had no shortage of excellent entries and the judges were challenged with choosing just three winners. If you didn’t win this time fear not, we just launched the Avatar Design Contest where you can win a Formlabs Form 2, Oculus Rift, Zbrush Core License, and a Mold3D course as the top prize!

Honourable Mentions

2016 Suzuki GSX-RR 1:8 Racing RC MotoGP Version2 by Brett Turnage

We were blown away by this RC Motorcycle by Brett Turnage and we’re working on making our own! The impressive mechanics, both in regards to the motorcycle itself and articulation of the driver, made this entry a top contender. 

3D-Zipper by Ronald Jaramillo 

We’ve seen a few printed clothing items before like functional chainmail, but this 3D printed zipper was a first. This design prints deceptively easily with few support structures so you can make your own! 

Step Clock by makit 

Makit’s 3D printed step clock is a great primer on electronics and programming. It makes use of two stepper motors for movement of the hour and minute hands and Makit has included full assembly instructions so you can make your own!

3rd Place

PistenBully 1:14 R/C by Supeso 

Supeso did an incredible job with the design, documentation, and presentation of this R/C design. Make sure to check out the design page for videos of the PistenBully in action! Congratulations on your win of a $100 3DHubs gift card. 

2nd Place

Hand-Screw Clamp by jakejake

This entirely printable clamp by jakejake makes use of a dual thread mechanism to output an impressive amount of force. Great job with the design and presentation and congratulations on your win of a $200 3Dhubs gift card and the Prusa MK2S Kit! 

1st Place

Fin Gripper (Robotic/Prosthetic Hybrid) – Mark VI by Black_Ram_Industries

The winner of the Mechanical Design Challenge is Black Ram Industries with their Fin Gripper design! An impressive number of iterations were completed to reach this fully-functional design. We’re looking forward to seeing what they make next with a Formlabs Form 2 and $100 Adafruit Gift Card. 

Special thanks to our sponsors: Formlabs, Adafruit, 3D Hubs, and Prusa Research


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