Pinshape Featured Designs – July 14th

Pinshape Featured Designs – July 14th

This week, we launched the 2017 3D Printer Guide which gathers reviews and submissions from the community to show you today’s top printers. We also announced the print contest where you can enter to win a roll of free filament. We’ll see you next week with more exciting updates! 

Ankly Robot – 3D Printed Assembled by Sonia Verdu

This newest design by Sonia Verdu is an articulating robot that prints entirely in one piece! Challenge yourself to create this model in a single print with no supports required. 

Headphone Stand by Duncan Smith

Use multiple different materials to spice up your desk with this simple headphone stand. The two halves can be easily glued together for a fully functional assembly.  

12mm Coin Cell Clip by Adafruit

This simple clip allows you to easily attach a coin cell battery and breakout board to your clothing. Great for simple and low-profile wearable electronics!

Star Wars Mobile / Tablet Stand by Eolus

We’ve still a few months to go before the next Star Wars movie but it’s never too early to start preparing. Print these stands flat on your platform in one piece and get creative with coloring your prints!

D12 Terrarium by Gabriel Calin

These simple and elegant planters come in a number of different configuration varying by size and presence of drain holes. Print with supports or be daring and test your printer’s bridging capabilities. 

GoPro Hero Session Mount for Ultimaker by TheGoofy

This GoPro Hero Clip mounts to your printer to allow you to take time lapses of your prints or can optionally be modified to accommodate other cameras for live print tracking. 

That’s all for this week! Enter into the Rigid.Ink Print Contest to win free filament!


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