Introducing Pinshape’s 2017 3D Printer Guide

Introducing Pinshape’s 2017 3D Printer Guide

Today we’re excited to announce Pinshape’s 2017 3D Printer Guide which compiles feedback and prints from the community to help you find today’s top printers. The guide collects community reviews, pros and cons, machine specifications, and pictures of prints to help you make an informed decision on your next printer purchase. 

The guide is split into three different categories; professional, prosumer, and hobbyist so that you can choose the machine that fits your budget and needs. 

2017 3D Printer Guide Categories



This category is best suited for professional use in environments like the office, classroom, lab, or workshop. These machines are built to provide high quality prints with high levels of reliability to match. The quality does come at a price so these machines tend to run higher than hobbyist or prosumer alternatives.

2017 3D Printer Guide Original Form 2


Prosumer printers strike a balance between print quality, reliability, and price keeping costs accessible to some consumers and small businesses. They tend to fall between $1000 and $2000 in price and are ideal in a variety of fields from education, to home use, to design prototyping where moderate print quality and reliability are needed. 

2017 3D Printer Guide Lulzbot Mini


Printers in this section pack impressive print quality at a price point accessible to hobbyists and those just starting out in the industry. The quality of hobbyist machines has improved significantly over the years with consistent upgrades to quality and reliability. Each of the printers in this section come with large communities that help you to continue discovering, learning, and troubleshoot any challenges you might run into.

2017 3D Printer Guide Original Prusa i3


If you are looking to purchase a 3D printer and are unsure which one is right for you, this guide was made for you! 



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