Pinshape Featured Designs – July 7th

Pinshape Featured Designs – July 7th

Today we’re excited to announce the new Rigid.Ink Print Contest where you can enter to win free PLA filament! The best print will receive a roll of Carbonyte filament which is a blend of both Nylon and Carbon Fiber. Any of this week’s featured designs would make for great contest entries!

Arcade Button Controller Box by Adafruit

This Arcade Button Box uses the Adafruit Feather Board and is fully customizable. Connect it to your computer to execute custom commands and learn how to make your own with Adafruit’s tutorial!  

Reinhardt Helmet by Cosplus

Cosplus did a great job with the design and assembly of this Reinhardt Helmet! The design is split into multiple pieces so that each can be printed individually and snap-fitted or glued together. 

3D Zipper by Ronald Jaramillo

This incredible zipper design is almost entirely printed and fully functional. Check out the design page to see what it looks like in action!

Step Clock by makit 

Makit’s newest project teaches  you how to use stepper motors and Arduino electronics to make a fully functional clock. Check out the design page for information and supplies to make your own!

Batman by milostutu 

Our Designer of the Month is Milos Tutus and check out his post where he teaches you how to create your own lifelike figures. His newest Batman Figure looks great printed on the Form 2 in Matte Grey Resin. 

C3PO by Getxoblues

This newest design by Getxoblues prints easily in multiple pieces and fully articulates. After printing, each of the pieces snap together and no additional tools or adhesives are required for assembly. 

That’s all for this week! Enter into the Rigid.Ink Print Contest to win free filament!


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