Pinshape Featured Designs – June 15th

Pinshape Featured Designs – June 15th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find many functional models and assemblies that look best with a splash of color. Learn the various techniques for 3D Printing in Color in this week’s featured tutorial. 

Collapsible Basket by 3DPRINTINGWORLD

This clever design can be made with one, direct-on-platform print, and uses draft angles on each of the components to create a model that expands into a functional basket. 

The Light Sky Bird Temple by jobsmolders

Jobsmolders is back with a functional bird temple design, and this one includes a built in LED. Use a high-strength and eco-friendly material like PETG to ensure durability. 

Overwatch Loot Box by PaganGerd

This Overwatch Loot Box is split into multiple components so that you can easily use whichever colors you’d like. For more advanced color printing techniques, check out this tutorial on 3D Printing in Color. 

3 sided bottle by richard_clarke

Richard Clarke used Proto-pasta’s Glitter Flake Filament to create this 3 sided bottle. It features a fully functional thread, but keep these food safety tips in mind if you plan on using it with beverage. 
Chubby Wolverine by Huanksta 

Keeping up aesthetics is sustainable for a few years, but eventually becomes exhausting for immortal beings like Wolverine. Huanksta envisions the results of Wolverine’s descent into gluttony with this design. 

Clamping Hook for 17mm Vertical Mounting by edditive

These simple clamping hooks that require no supports are both simple and impressively functional. These are designed for 17mm beams, but break out your favorite CAD tool to design your own. 


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